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Veterans Resource Center

VRC Clockwork Request

Request to use VA Education Benefits by using the VRC Clockwork system.

Must have an active Student Campus Wide ID and contact Veterans Resource Center to gain access.

Note: Campus Wide ID must be activated for the current term for Clockwork accessability. New and Returning students must apply for admission to Foothill College for current quarter.




New and Returning Students

  1. Access "MyPortal Portlet"
  2. Click on "ClockWork VET Login"
  3. Click "Benefits Request"
  4. Complete all sections of request
  5. Upload new or updated required documents (PDF only)
  6. Submit Clockwork Request
  7. Confirmation Notification sent via email


Continuing Students

  1. Clockwork request(s) are required quarterly.
  2. Complete Clockwork sections: 
    • 1-Select Term
    • 3-Indicate Chapter
    • 4-Benefit Request Form (Only Questions 1 - 4 and Update File Upload)
    • 5-Consent to Agreement
  3. Submit Application
  4. VRC Confirmation via email



Denied/Delayed Requests

Reasons for Delay/Denied Clockwork Request:

  • Registration is incomplete.
  • Submitted a request before registering for courses.
  • Submitting Clockwork request with no term listed.
  • Registered courses are not listed on Educational plan.
  • Educational Plan outdated
  • Major/Program change was not reported to VRC.
  • Primary school changed.
  • Required documents were not submitted.

Complete a new Clockwork request for every new quarter

Contact us or visit our office.





GI Comparison Tool

Want to know more about your current VA Educational Benefits based on percentage or School of choice? Use the GI Comparison Tool to get more information.

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