Foothill College Business Card Order Form
  • Foothill College business cards are available to faculty, staff and select student leaders.
  • Budgeteer approval and appropriate budget code are required before the order is printed. The form that doesn't include these items will not be processed.
  • Typically, business card orders are processed every 15th of the month and received 7-10 business days later.
  • The information you provide in the form's fields will be imprinted on the card front.
  • You are responsible for the accuracy of spelling, so double check each entry. If your card order is printed with a typo or other error, you are still responsible for remitting payment in full for the order.
  • The cost for business cards is $35 per order. The order includes 250 cards.

I have read and agreed to the terms above.

Sample Foothill Business Card Sample

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