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Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering


Geoff Mathews, Ph.D.

Astronomy Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division



Foothill campus
Office: 4410

Course information:

Astronomy is the study of the universe and everything in it. That makes it quite a large topic, ranging from the atoms of which objects are made, to asteroids, comets, and moons, to planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole. In my classes, we will explore the universe together... and along the way, develop skills that will help us to better understand our home, the Earth.

I structure my classes around the central fact of education: people learn best by thinking through things themselves and getting feedback on their thinking. Thus, each class meeting is centered on you working through an astronomical discovery. This is usually done in a pair or small team, where you can give each other feedback or receive feedback from me.

Personal Quote:

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." - Carl Sagan

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