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Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering


Annie Chase, B.S., M.S.

Physics Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division



Foothill campus
Office: 4407
Office Hours:
M 9-10 am
W 9-10 am
R 11-12pm
F 9-10 am



Physics, physics of sports (especially softball), star wars, indie pop, and PENS!


Annie is a Bay Area native currently living in Fremont. Growing up she spent a lot of time playing sports and came across a coach who used physics to determine the most efficient softball swing. This lead her to study physics as an undergraduate at Saint Mary's College of California where her love of teaching physics blossomed. She wears the badge of “nerd” proudly, (though she prefers the term "intellectual badass") and founded the Physicists of Saint Mary’s club. After a hiatus due to medical issues and working as a substitute teacher, Annie decided to get her master’s in physics at San Jose State University so that she would be eligible to work at a two year college. She lucked out and found an awesome Physics Education Research advisor, Dr. Cassandra Paul, and conducted her thesis research on how instructor feedback affects student study habits. As a graduate student, Annie was also the lead lab instructor for the reformed algebra based physics course. Now, as a full time assistant professor, Annie strives to be a responsive teacher by meeting students at their level, using reformed teaching methods including active learning strategies, and encouraging personal relationships with students.

Personal Quote:

"Do or do not, there is no try" - the all powerful Yoda

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