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Geri Lamble

Computer Science Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division

Computer Science


Foothill campus


Registration is underway for Winter 2020 courses.

I'll be teaching CS21B this Winter.

This course builds on the student’s prior knowledge of the Python programming language by offering a more in-depth and advanced approach to building effective Python applications. Specific topics include user interfaces, networked applications, databases, multithreading and regular expressions. The course reinforces object oriented design, thorough documentation, testing and conventional programming style.

What students have said about CS21B Intermediate Python Programming Course:

"Hi Prof. Lamble, Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the class. This class has helped me to work on my Synopsys Project on neural networks using python. Thank you for hand holding all of us during the entire fall semester."

“I work in the field, and you do quite an amazing job of teaching Python, while incorporating actual real world problems that have definitely helped me out a lot. Thank you for your effort as well. You are very responsive to everyone and the modules are just challenging enough that they leave you with a sense of great accomplishment when you finally get it to work!”

"I enjoyed your course so much. I will take more courses that you may teach in the future. I believe that the material you covered in this course is of high quality and helpful in the real world as well. Thank you for all your efforts."

"I really enjoyed the Python course, thank you for taking the time to give feedback and always answering questions."

"Thanks for grading the labs and providing useful feedback as well! Thank you professor!"

"Hello Professor Lamble,
Thank you so much for your class.
It is extremely helpful. This is my first programming language, and everything was so understandable.
I am trying to learn PHP now to do my final project for my database class, and it is so easy after Python studying."

"Thank you Prof Lamble. I not only learned but also enjoyed and understood the concepts because of your notes and videos on the canvas. I truly appreciate your patience and your knowledge. You are the best."


Winter 2020
CS-21B-01W Intermediate Python Programming (30812)
Fall 2019
CS-003A-04W Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies in Python (21454)
CS-21B-01W Intermediate Python Programming (21022)
Summer 2019
CS-003A-06W Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies in Python (11093)
CS-022A-02W Javascript for Programmers (10212)
Spring 2019
CS-10-03W Computer Architecture and Organization (42126)
CS-21B-01W Intermediate Python Programming (42031)

Course information:

Computer Architecture
Introduction to Linux
Linux Shell Programming
C++ Programming
Python Programming
Java Programming
Foundations of Computer Programming

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