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Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering


Prof. Geri Lamble

Computer Science Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division

Computer Science


Foothill campus


I will be teaching CS 22A JavaScript for Programmers this Summer.

Course Description

Introduction to object oriented programming in JavaScript. Topics include: client and server side programming, Model/View/Controller architecture, current tools and testing methods, interaction with HTML and CSS, Document Object Model, XML and JSON. Students will have practice writing programs for mobile web browsers and creating dynamic web pages including animation.
Advisory: One of the following: C S 1A, 1AH, 2A, 3A or equivalent; knowledge of HTML and CSS.


Fall 2020
CS-3C-01W Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms in Python
CS-10-02W Computer Architecture and Organization

Summer 2020
CS-22A-02W JavaScript for Programmers (10154)

Spring 2020
CS-10-02W Computer Architecture and Organization
CS-21B-01W Intermediate Python Programming (41195)

Course information:

Computer Architecture
Introduction to Linux
Linux Shell Programming
C++ Programming
Python Programming
Java Programming
Foundations of Computer Programming

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