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Rahul AgarwalP Computer Science Instructor Email
Hadeel AmmariP Computer Science Instructor Email
Jeff AndersonF Associate Professor of Mathematics (650) 949-7116Email
Kathleen ArmstrongF Chemistry, Honors Instructor 650.949.7487Email
Luis BarretoF Computer Lab Administrator (650) 949-7620Email
John BeckP Astronomy Instructor Email
Yvette ButterworthP Mathematics Instructor Email
Myron R. CaganP Chemistry Instructor Email
William CamisaP Engineering Instructor Email
Frank CascaranoF Physics Instructor (650) 949-7784Email
Jesse CecilP Computer Science Instructor Email
Zachary CembellinF Mathematics, Honors Instructor (650)949-7383Email
Annie ChaseF Physics Instructor 650.949.7081Email
Ruyu ChenF Division Administrative Assistant (650) 949-7259Email
Robert CormiaF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7456Email
Stephanie CurzonP Chemistry instructor Email
Richard DaleyF Senior Professor of Chemistry, Honors Chemistry (650) 949-7126Email
Kirk DemlingerP Mathematics instructor Email
Jeanne DigelP Astronomy instructor Email
Sergio EdelsteinP Engineering Instructor Email
Larry EnglishP Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4530Email
Naghmeh EsfandiariP Chemistry instructor Email
Wilson Florero SalinasP Mathematics Email
Anita ForsP Physics Instructor Email
Andrew FraknoiF Astronomy Instructor (Honors Instructor) (650) 949-7288Email
Marnie FranciscoF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7420Email
Heidi Gentry-KolenP Computer Science Instructor 650.949.7259Email
Scott GeverP Adjunct Professor Email
Margarita GonzalesP Chemistry Instructor Email
Nicole GrayF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7175Email
Elaine HaightF Computer Science Instructor (650) 949-7624Email
David HardenP Computer Science Instructor Email
Mary HollandF Chemistry Instructor (650)949-7426Email
Hanan IbrahimP Computer Science Instructor Email
Carol JohnsonP Engineering Instructor Email
Ian JonesP Chemistry Instructor Email
Ellen JuddP Physics Instructor Email
Maarten KalisvaartP Math Instructor (650)949-7236Email
Rula KhayrallahP Computer Science Instructor Email
Marc KnobelF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7049Email
Lalitha KrishnamurthyP Computer Science Instructor Email
Jim LaiP Computer Science Instructor Email
Phuong LamF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7406Email
Geri LambleP Computer Science Instructor Email
Joanna LankesterP Computer Science Instructor 650.949.7259Email
Londa LarsonF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7385Email
Bobby LauP Physics Instructor Email
Huong LeP Mathematics Instructor Email
Sherman LeeF Chemistry Lab Technician (650) 949-7291Email
Jimmy LiP Chemistry Instructor Email
Zuohua LiangF PSME Instructional Lab Coordinator (650) 949-7315Email
Robert LiebermanP Mathematics Instructor Email
Matthew LitrusP Mathematics Instructor 650.949.7237Email
Michael LoceffF Computer Science Instructor Email
Sofya LowP Math Instructor Email
Matthew LowP Mathematics instructor Email
Eva LowP Physics Instructor Email
Brendan MarP Chemistry Instructor Email
David MarascoF Physics Instructor (Honors Instructor) (650) 949-7492Email
Anna MargolisP Mathematics instructor Email
Rick MartinezF Mathematics Instructor Email
Tatsiana MaskalevichP Math Instructor (650) 949-7236Email
Geoff MathewsF Astronomy Instructor 650.949.7288Email
Bita MazloomF Computer Science instructor Email
Mikel McdanielP Computer Science Instructor Email
LaDawn MeadeP Computer Science Instructor Email
Chad MillerP Chemistry instructor Email
David MonarresP Mathematics Instructor Email
Patrick MorrissF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7548Email
Craig MossmanP Chemistry Instructor Email
Rachel MudgeF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7592Email
Sarah MunozF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7613Email
Mike MurphyF Computer Science Instructor (650) 949-7221Email
Daniel NghiemF Mathematics Instructor 650.949.7448Email
Yuh NiP Mathematics Instructor Email
Fred NikolacP Engineering Instructor Email
Alan OlsenP Computer Science Instructor Email
Olumuyiwa OluwasanmiP Computer Science Instructor Email
Ron PainterF Chemistry Instructor 650.949.7259Email
Oxana PantchenkoP Engineering Instructor (650) 949-7259Email
Lauri PapayP Mathematics instructor Email
Sarah ParikhF Engineering, Physics Instructor (650) 949-7748Email
Norman ParisP Mathematics instructor Email
Young Hee Park LeeF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7560Email
Kathryn A PerinoF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7554Email
Tri H. PhamP Computer Science Instructor Email
Amanda PittsF Chemistry instructor (650) 949-7418Email
Andrea RamirezP Computer Science Instructor 650.305.9343Email
Mario RamosF Systems Administrator (650) 949-7108Email
Sandhya RaoF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7627Email
Eric ReedF PSME Center Director (650) 949-7091Email
Nayereh RezaieP Chemistry Instructor Email
Thomas RiordanP Computer Science Instructor Email
Lucinda RobledoP Mathematics Instructor (408) 417-1725Email
Christina RotsidesF Instructor 650.949.7426Email
Pamela RuizP Mathematics Instructor Email
Timothy RyanP Computer Science Instructor Email
Adrienne SaintenP STEM, Mathematics, Computer Science Instructor 650-949-7249Email
Amidollah SalariP Chemistry instructor Email
Robert SandorP Computer Science Instructor 650.464.3125Email
John SawkaF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7495Email
John SchaffertP Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7249Email
Danielle SherlockP Mathematics Instructor Email
Denzil SikkaP Computer Science Instructor Email
Lori SilvermanF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7455Email
Jennifer SinclairF Mathematics Instructor 650.949.7132Email
Ashok SinhaP Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4533Email
Brian StanleyF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7573Email
Ram SubramaniamF PSME, BHS Dean Email
Sumithira SukumarP Mathematics instructor Email
Jyothi SureshP Mathematics instructor Email
Riordan ThomasP CS instructor Email
Maria TomutiuP Mathematics Instructor Email
Viet TrinhP Computer Science Instructor Email
Diana UilecanP Math Instructor (650) 949-7236Email
Anand VenkataramanF Computer Science Instructor 650-949-7495Email
Sue WangF Engineering and Physics Instructor (650) 949-7493Email
Xiao (Rose) WangP Chemistry Instructor Email
Baba Kofi WeusijanaF Computer Science Instructor 650.949.7198Email
Joshua WienandsP Physics Instructor Email
Melissa WilkinsonP Engineering Instructor Email
Sarah WilliamsF Mathematics instructor (650) 949-7140Email
Charles WitschorikF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7237Email
Winnie WongP Mathematics Faculty Email
Anna WuF Chemistry Lab Technician (650) 949-7291Email
Liping (Allie) XiongP Computer Science Instructor Email
Max YuenP Physics Instructor Email