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Graduation Information

Information for Graduates

Before Graduation Day

  • You will line up with your division according to your degree major. If you are unsure which division you are under, please check before graduation day.
  • Do not carry anything with you during the ceremony. You will not be returning to the same seat after receiving your degree. Please arrange for your family or friends to look after your personal items until after the ceremony.

Instructions for Graduation Day

NOTE: Please place your tassel on the right side of your cap when dressing for the ceremony.

5 p.m.— GRADUATE'S INFORMATION CARD — See Sample Below

  1. Pick up a Graduate's Information Card at the information tent in the Smithwick Theatre Patio. When you walk on stage, your division dean will read your name from this card. Be certain to print your name clearly in large letters on the card. Write your name again phonetically so that your division dean can pronounce your name correctly.
  2. Circle your degree, and write in your major. For instance, "AA in Music" or "AS in Math."
  3. If you qualified for a special recognition/award, circle that on the card as indicated.
  4. Be certain that you know your academic division. To verify the division you are in, check the list available at the Student Activities Office, Counseling Office or information tent.

5:15 p.m. — YOUR CAP, GOWN & HOOD

  • The hood is the velvet part of your outfit that rests on your shoulders. The red end goes down over your back.
  • The strap hooks on behind your neck to prevent the hood from flopping open.
  • The bottom of the hood's V-shape in the front should be positioned just below the level of the knot in a tie. If necessary, use safety pins to keep the hood in place. Pins will be available at the information tent.


  • Find your division and line up with your fellow graduates.
  • Help your division dean learn to pronounce your name if he or she asks you.

5:45 p.m. — QUEUE UP

  • You must be in line, have your completed Graduate's Information Card in hand and be ready to go.


  • The procession begins from the theater patio and proceeds to the Library Quad.
  • Follow the directions of the marshals who will lead the procession and signal what you are to do during the ceremony.
  • The ceremony will run approximately 90 minutes.
  • In addition to guest speaker messages, each student will be called upon to walk across the stage to receive her/his diploma cover from Foothill College President Thuy Thi Nguyen, J.D.


  • The ASFC-sponsored reception for graduates, guests, faculty and staff features light refreshments and follows the completion of the entire ceremony in the  Smithwick Theatre.

Important Information Regarding Children

  • Children are welcome to attend this formal, 90-minute ceremony, which features several speeches as well as the presentation of each graduate on the stage.
  • For safety, children must remain seated at all times.
  • Children are not permitted to play in or around the stage, or other cordoned-off areas.


Sample Graduate's Information Card

On the day of graduation, pick up a Graduate's Information Card at the information tent in the Smithwick Theatre patio. When you walk on stage, your division dean will read your name from this card.

Be ready to complete this information. Please print neatly!

  • Name:
  • Phonetic Spelling of Name (Print your name phonetically and clearly in large letters on the card so that your dean can correctly pronounce it.)
  • Circle Degree: AA or AS or AAT or AST in (Write in Subject)
  • First to College in Your Family
  • Circle the awards you have earned. See examples below:
    • ASFC Lifetime Member
    • Dean's List (Foothill GPA 3.5 or higher as of winter quarter of the current year)
    • Honors Scholar (Completed the requirements of Honors Scholar in accordance wtht eh national Collegiate Honors Council)
    • Scholar Athlete





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