Club Day 21014

Organizations Board of Directors

All club members have a voice through the Organizations Board of Directors (OBD), which meets weekly on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. in the Toyon Conference Room (2020) with representatives from each student club on campus.

OBD provides an effective, organized and fair policy so all clubs will thrive.

OBD also sponsors two quarterly Club Days, which give interested students an opportunity to learn about the various clubs on campus and allow clubs to increase their memberships. Funds are available to all active clubs.

All the paperwork, procedures and information is available in the OBD Club Handbook (pdf).

VP of Organizations:Melody Ye
Phone: (650) 996-7385
Location: Campus Center, Room 2011

Club Advisor: Erin Clifford Ortiz
Phone: (650) 949-7060
E-mail: Location: Office of Student Activities, Room 2008

Club List
We offer a number of different clubs from which to choose.

Foothill College Club List

Joining a campus club is a great way to enrich your academic experience at Foothill. There are clubs of all types on campus and they change periodically with the changing interests of the student body.

These organizations focus on student interests in career options, multicultural diversity, recreation, sports, crafts, politics, service and social events.

The active club list is updated weekly on OrgSync. Note: Clubs hibernate during the Summer Quarter.

Log on to OrgSync with your on-campus Student ID number and MyPortal log-in password to see the active club lists or get a hard copy of the active club list by visiting the Student Activities, Room 2009 in the Campus Center.

Haven't found what you like? Start your own club!

Start or Reactivate a Club

OBD steps

If there isn't a club that suits your needs, you can start a new club. Follow these steps on how to start a club at Foothill College.

  1. Check if the club existed before.
    Q. Who do I talk to?

    A. Visit the Student Activities Office (Campus Center Room 2009) and view the club files to see if your ideal club has existed.
    Contact the ASFC Vice President of Organizations, state the purpose of the club. You can either e-mail her or find her in the ASFC Office to talk in person.

  2. Find a Foothill staff/faculty member as your club advisor.
    Q: What does the advisor have to do?
    A.The advisor has to agree to be on campus for the official club meetings and events, and the advisor will also be responsible for overseeing the finances of the club with the accountant. Download the Advisor Responsibilities Form.

  3. Obtain the valid student IDs of five preliminary members.
    Q: Is there a requirement for those 5 student numbers?
    A. Those five ID numbers should belong to students who agree to be the initial members for the club and have paid off their student body fee for the current quarter.

  4. If the club has never existed before, fill up Activation/Reactivation form. If not, fill up the Recommitment Form instead.
    Q: Where do I find the form?
    A. 1. Log on to your On the right side of the top of the page, click under My Memberships and select Organizations Board of Directors.
    2. Go under Forms, and then click into the form called Activation/Reactivation.
    NOTE: You can only active/reactive a club for the first five weeks of a quarter.

  5. Get approval from your advisor.
    Q: How does that work?
    A.. Once you submit the Activation/Reactivation form, the system will send your advisor a notification e-mail. Make sure you inform your advisor to log in to his/her OrgSync and approve the form by Monday @ 2 p.m.

  6. Appoint your OBD Representative.
    Q: What is an OBD Rep.?
    A. An OBD Representative serves as the liaison between OBD, ASFC and the club. Make sure a club representative attends OBD meetings (from week 2 to week 10) on every Tuesdays from 2 - 3 PM in the Toyon Room. NOTE: 3 absences of the OBD Rep. will result the club to be put on suspension status.

  7. Create a constitution within 4 weeks submitting the Activation/Reactivation form.
    Q: What should be included in the constitution?
    A. You can find a template on OrgSync, located under theOrganizations Board of Directors’s Forms section. For more information about how to create a constitution, you can also download the Club Handbook.