Transfer Readiness & Completion

Use TRAC (Transfer Readiness and Completion) to find out how ready you are to transfer and what you can do to improve your chances of success. Click here to view the Transfer Steps.
Level A: Transfer Prepared -
Basic Criteria*
90 Transferable Units
2.0 Grade Point Average

Level B: Transfer Directed -
College Level
English and

Completion of English 1A, 1B or ESL 26 with a grade of A, B or C
Competion of Mathematics course above 105 with a grade of A, B or C

*Student should be aware that many colleges and universities (and/or majors) require a different number of transferable units and may have a higher GPA requirement for transfer admission.

Level C: Transfer Ready -
Completion of Levels A and B

Transfer Motivated -
Participate in New Student Orientation
Complete Counseling 5
Choose a major
Discuss major with contact faculty
Make a list of colleges that have your major
Understand and select appropriate articulation agreements
Complete Educational Plan
Take SAT (if applicable)
Meet with a university representative on Foothill Campus
Visit a baccalaureate level campus
Meet with counselor at least three times to discuss transfer
Explore financial aid / scholarship opportunities
Attend three Career Center & Transfer Center Workshops
Obtain at least two letters of recommendation
Fill out college application(s)
Request transcripts be sent to transfer institution

Transfer Success -

This level consists of enrichment activities that help to develop the qualities that students can use to be successful both before and after transfer. College Acceptance & Success Factors.

It is strongly recommended that students do as many of these as possible.
Complete an Associates Degree
Participate in the Pass the Torch Program
Participate in a community volunteer program
Participate in a campus leadership activity
Participate in work experience or an internship for one quarter
Participate in the Honors Institute
Complete IGETC or CSU General Education pattern and get certification
Complete a Transfer Admission Agreement
Complete English & Mathematics courses with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
Receive Scholar-Athlete Award
Participate in Shared Governance committee
Be a Student Ambassador
Participate in Puente Program

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