Transfer Checklist

Keep track of your progress toward transfer. Check the boxes completed and print the form.  More information on Transfer Readiness.
Until you have completed 45 transferable units (Freshman)
Complete the CNSL 50: Introduction to College course during your first quarter. Here's why.
Complete transferable English and Math courses as early as possible. Here's why.
Complete a variety of exploratory courses in your area(s) of interest. Here's why.
Complete regularly scheduled visits to the Career/Transfer Center. Here's why.
Select at least three universities to which you will apply. Here's why.
Declare your college major by the third quarter. Here's why.
Take advantage of Foothill student support services. Here's why.
Volunteer your talents and hone your leadership skills. Here's why.
After you have completed 45 transferable units (Sophomore)
Complete the CNSL 85: Transfer Readiness course. Here's why.
Continue working to complete specific coursework indentified by your counselor. Here's why.
Research financial aid and scholarship requirements and availability. Here's why.
Schedule on-campus appointments with university representatives. Here's why.
Attend transfer workshops. Here's why.
Complete a Transfer Admission Agreement (TAA) with at least one school approximately one year before you plan to transfer. Here's why.
Submit your completed application during the school's filing period (see below). Here's why.

Important Dates

  Fall Winter Spring
UC Nov. 1-30 July 1-31 Oct. 1-31
CSU Oct 1 - Nov 30* June 1 - 30* Aug. 1 - 31*
* Some majors at some CSUs remain open after these dates. Check here for details.

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Update: UC Personal Statement
The UC Personal Statement prompts have changed effective Fall 2016. There is one required question you must answer. You will also need to answer 3 out of 7 additional questions. Each response is limited to a maximum of 350 words.
See more at Personal Insight Questions