Transfer to a UC, CSU or Private University or College
Welcome to Spring Quarter 2014!

Spring is an important time for transfer students.  Please make note of the following:

Applied to multiple colleges and universities?  Not sure how to decide which offer to accept?  Join us on May 21, at noon in Room 6307.  Transfer Counselor Cathy Denver and Honors Director, Bernie Day will help you to navigate this important decision!  Register Now.

If you applied to a UC or CSU campus for the Fall of 2014, please continue to check your email and/or your account with the university to make sure that you reply to requests for information.  If you will be applying for IGETC or CSU Breadth certification, make an appointment with a counselor to make sure that everything required has been or will be filed.   Also, when you make your final decision about where to transfer, notify the university!  Any questions?  Drop in to the Transfer Center!  Also, plan to attend the annual Transfer Celebration June 4 to celebrate your accomplishment!  The celebration is for ALL transfer stuents who will be transferring out for Fall 2014.  Check back here in mid-May for more details.

Interested in knowing about important changes to CSU admissions?  Attend one of the CSU – How to Transfer workshops.  New legislation and lots of work by your college faculty has streamlined admission to CSU!  Come and learn the details and how you can take advantage!

Interested in a Transfer Agreement Guarantee or TAG with UC?  Two kinds of TAG workshops are offered in Spring Quarter.  The How to Transfer to UC workshop provides an overview of the process for any TAG. The TAG workshops by specific UC representatives will assist with specific requirements for those respective universities.
Questions on any transfer event? Have a transfer question?
Call (650) 949-7235 or e-mail
April 09, 2014