What is a Logo?

A logo consists of two basic elements—a graphic mark and the name of the organization in a specific typeface (logotype)—used in a carefully designed relationship. Together, these elements graphically represent an organization or program, conveying an identity to the public. They are a unit and may not be separated.

Graphic Standards
  1. Use logos as designed. Do not omit, add or modify elements.
    • Use only authorized original electronic art. Do not redraw, re-proportion or modify the logo in any way.
    • You may scale logos up or down providing you constrain their proportions.
    • Do not add other images or type to a logo.
  2. A logo is a primary page design element in terms of its size, position and appearance. It should not be treated as a last-minute addition to a page layout.
    • When placing a logo on a page, position it at the top, as in a stationery application, or at the bottom, as a signature element.
    • Logos must be large enough to ensure that the elements of the mark are distinguishable and sharp and that the logotype is clearly legible.
    • Do not use logo art that is blurry, fuzzy, jagged-edged or distorted.
    • Allow adequate space around a logo for it to be clearly and comfortably visible, and separate from other elements on a page.
    • Do not screen logos back; use as watermarks; or as part of an illustration.
    • Do not place or reverse out a logo on screened or mixed-color backgrounds that compromise legibility or clarity.
  3. Each college logo has an official color designation or multiple color system, which should be used whenever possible. However, a logo may be reproduced in a single color, when appropriate. Examples include:
    • Embossed or foil-stamped
    • Black only
    • White reversed out of a dark,
      solid background
    • Any single color, provided that it is legible.
    • Do not apply unofficial multiple colors to the elements of a logo.
If you have any questions regarding the use of college logos, please consult with the Marketing & Communications Office.
Download College & Program
Logo PDF Documents
PDF documents can be opened and resized in Adobe Illustrator.
Click on the Logos Below to Download Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) Versions of the Official College Logo
These eps files can be opened with Adobe Illustrator and resized without loss of quality. Please do not modify these logos.
Vertical Mark and name
Vertical Mark, name and url
Vertical Mark, name, url and address
Horizontal Mark and name
Horizontal Mark, name and url
Horizontal Mark, name, url and address