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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Lori ThomasF Coordinator, Publicity & Publications (650) 949-7258eMail
Jazmine GarciaF Program Coordinator II (650) 949-7794eMail
Andrea HansteinF Director of Marketing and Public Relations (650) 949-7645eMail
Jerry RobredoF Web/Print Coordinator (650) 949-7395eMail
Bradley CreamerF College Web Coordinator, Sr. / Webmaster (650) 949-7381eMail
Julie CeballosF Web Content Developer (650) 949-7037eMail
Valerie Diaz de ArceF Graphic Design Technician (650) 949-7022eMail
Marco TovarF School Relations Specialist (650) 949-7537eMail
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