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Judy Baker
Dean of Foothill Global Access
Distance & Mediated Learning
Office: (650) 949-7388
Email: bakerjudy@foothill.edu

Nas Ouliaei
Tech Training Specialist
Foothill Global Access
Office: (650) 949-7566
Email: ouliaeinas@fhda.edu

Akemi Ishikawa
Administrative Assistant
Foothill Global Access
Office:  (650) 949-7446
Email: ishikawaakemi@foothill.edu

Denise Swett
Vice President of Student Services
Office: (650) 949-7524
Email: swettdenise@foothill.edu

Kimberlee Messina
Vice President of Instruction and Institutional Research

The Professional Development program at Foothill is a top college priority. We are facing so many new challenges with technology, accreditation, Generation Z students, returning veterans and more, that we believe it is important to provide new "tools" and resources to support faculty and staff to effectively support student learning. The Professional Development program includes funds for conference travel and participation, a robust calendar of workshops and events, and numerous online training opportunities - all designed to support the continuous development of knowledge and skills for the Foothill campus community. Our programs are open to all FHDA district employees.

Want to schedule or request a Professional Development event?

Please use our new Form to let us know about any professional development opportunities that you want us to schedule and promote.

Featured Opportunities

Fall 2014

Professional Development Day: Authentic Assessment

  • Friday, October 3 at 9 am - 12 pm
  • Location: TBA

General Workshops on Campus

  • Know Your (Copy)rights and Fair Use
  • Minimize Cheating with Turnitin Originality Checker

Etudes Workshops on Campus

Making Your Online/Hybrid Course Accessible

Etudes Certification Training

Quick Etudes Training (for on-campus classes only)

Online Course Development

Via the Internet

Go2Knowledge Webinars group of people in seminar

Available on-demand for Foothill College employees. Please contact Judy Baker for access information.

  • At-Risk Populations
  • Campus Safety
  • Organizational Development
  • Student Success
  • Teaching and Learning
  • TechnologyiStream logo

iStream from League for Innovation in the Community College

  • Content:
    • Conference Presentations – keynote and special session videos, PowerPoint presentations from the League's international conferences
    • Professional Development Modules – programs that provide faculty and staff comprehensive teaching
      and learning practices with online and hybrid materials, real- and any-time progressive learning
      activities, and assessment strategies (From LENs and Getting Results)
    • Webinars – front-row, free seating to practical, thought-provoking workshops and webinars that are
      relevant to community colleges today
    • eLearning Courses – open access, or discounted options, focused on Open Educational Resource courses
      and programs, featuring an array of workforce and specialty online learning programs
    • Publications – unlimited 24/7 access to full-length electronic versions of books, monographs, and
      reports published by the League – available to everyone at your institution
    • Partners Spotlight – the latest product developments, features, and services from state-of-the-latest
      companies that serve the community college and higher education field
    • League Projects –ground-breaking contributions from League board and member colleges covering
      innovative programs, critical issues, and the developing needs in community colleges
    • 10 Questions – promotes professional, candid, and intriguing responses from leaders in a variety of
      roles. Faculty and staff in leadership positions will gain valuable insight into how successful leaders
      achieve results
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    • Go to http://www.league.org/istream
    • Click on Create Your iStream Account button
      • Select your institution from the dropdown box
      • Enter your first and last name, and institutional email address
    • Click on Submit
      • You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions for logging in and creating your password.
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Safety and Emergency


On-going, Year-round Campus Service (PAA only for faculty and PGA for classified staff)

  • Plan and Attend Heritage Month Meetings and Events
    EMPLOYEES are needed on STUDENT-LED Heritage Month Planning Committees to plan a whole month of events!
    • Cultural celebrations occur at Foothill from January through June.
      • January is Jewish Heritage Month
      • February is Black History Month
      • March is Women's History Month
      • April is Asian Pacific Islander Month
      • May is Latino Heritage Month
      • June is LGBT Month!
    • Heritage Month Planning
      • Committees meet weekly for an average of 6 months to year-round. Faculty/staff can earn PAA credit for planning and attending the Heritage Month events.  To get involved, please contact Erin Ortiz (x7060).

  • Become a Club Advisor
    Club Advisors are required for a Club to exist. Club Advisors sign up committing to be present at official club meetgins, events and to sign on the account. Most Clubs meet weekly, not during Summer. Foothill typically has 50 per quarter that include Academic, Athletic, Departmental, Political, Recreational, Religious, Social and Special Interest. To get involved, please contact Erin Ortiz (x7060).

Faculty and Staff Mentor Exchange

We now have an easy way for faculty and staff to share their expertise. This is an online learning community where you can get help from peers, 24/7, for free.

Join the Foothill College Faculty and Staff Mentor Exchange

  1. Go our Mentor Exchange.
  2. Click Register now and complete the form. Be sure to write down the password you created!
  3. You will receive an email that your Mentor Exchange site membership has been approved within 24 hours
  4. Return to the Mentor Exchange site and Log In
  5. For peer guidance, post a question to the group and in return, respond to questions posted by others.