EOPS Counseling 275

EOPS students.
What is CNSL 275?

The EOPS Department at Foothill College recommends that all new EOPS students complete an EOPS CNSL 275 course. In accordance with your Mutual Responsibility Contract, new EOPS students are to enroll and complete CNSL 275 in the first quarter of EOPS participation. Successful completion of this course will affect your eligibility for future book service. This course will include an EOPS orientation component, which is mandated by California state regulations. It is designed to promote and ensure overall college success and retention.
Course Description - CNSL 275

EOPS: The Road To College Success-More Than Just Books!

This (1) unit course will introduce EOPS/CARE students to various EOPS services, policies and requirements that govern the program. This course encourages collaborative learning, educational attainment, promotes student retention, persistence and success.

Topics include: completing financial aid and scholarship applications, identifying campus resources, budgeting and managing money, cultural identity and experiences, goal-setting, self-esteem, career options and time. management.

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