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Effective: Summer 2015

Grade Type: Letter Grade Only
Not Repeatable.
FHGE: Non-GE Transferable: CSU
6 hours clinical laboratory. (72 hours total per quarter)

Description -
Clinical application of basic interventional pulmonology procedures. Interpretation of basic diagnostic data and correlation to applied therapies. Procedures will include bronchoscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions such as alveolar lavage.

Course Objectives -
The student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate the ability to read a patient's chart and give a hand-off report
  2. Demonstrate correct technique for personal asepsis
  3. Demonstrate correct technique for handling interventional pulmonology equipment
  4. Correctly performs the duties involved in assisting with procedures
  5. Complete a chest examination and a patient assessment
  6. Demonstrates proper technique for cleaning and sterilization of equipment
  7. Perform accurate charting and documentation
Special Facilities and/or Equipment -
  1. Classroom will be a Clinical facility with the ability to perform interventional pulmonology procedures.
  2. Uniform, name badge, watch with second hand, and stethoscope.

Course Content (Body of knowledge) -
  1. Chart reading and reporting
    1. SOAP charting
    2. SBAR reporting
    3. POMR
  2. Asepsis
    1. Hand washing
    2. Isolation procedures
    3. Personal protective equipment
  3. Interventional pulmonology equipment
    1. Correct handling of equipment
    2. Proper set up for procedures
    3. Manipulation of equipment and proper assisting
    4. Proper handling and labeling of specimens
  4. Interventional pulmonology assisting
    1. Bronchoscopy assisting
      1. Diagnostic procedures
        1. Assisting with bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)
      2. Assisting with therapeutic procedures
  5. Patient assessments
    1. Checking in the patient
    2. Performing patient assessments
      1. Auscultation
      2. Vital signs.
  6. Cleaning and sterilization of equipment
    1. Proper take down and disassembling of equipment
    2. Preparation of equipment for processing
  7. Charting and documentation
    1. Complete and accurate charting
    2. Progress reports and Respiratory Therapy notes
Methods of Evaluation -
The student will demonstrate proficiency by successfully completing competency checklists and by daily evaluations conducted by clinical preceptors.
Representative Text(s) -
No textbook required.

Disciplines -
Respiratory Technologies
Method of Instruction -
Clinical performance and demonstration of clinical skills.
Lab Content -
  1. Chart reading and hand off reports
  2. Asepsis techniques
    1. Hand washing
    2. Isolation procedures
    3. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    4. Universal precautions
  3. Interventional pulmonology equipment
    1. Procedure suite
    2. Bronchoscopes
    3. Specimen collection equipment
    4. Handling and labeling of specimens
  4. Assisting with interventional pulmonology procedures
  5. Patient assessments and monitoring
    1. Pre-procedure
    2. Intra-procedure
    3. Post-procedure and recovery
  6. Equipment take down
    1. Processing of equipment
  7. Charting procedures
Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing and Outside of Class Assignments -
There are no required reading or writing assignments for this course.