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Effective: Summer 2013

Advisory: Advisory: This course is included in the Team Sports family of activity courses.
Grade Type: Letter Grade, the student may select Pass/No Pass
Not Repeatable.
FHGE: Lifelong Learning Transferable: CSU/UC
3 hours laboratory. (36 hours total per quarter)

Student Learning Outcomes -
  • A successful student will be able to perform and compete in high level games to improve games skills.
  • A successful student will be able to demonstrate skills learned through class practice and playing the game of volleyball that promote volleyball as a lifetime activity.
Description -
Presents teach game play in live game situations. Includes rotations and offensive and defensive strategies.

Course Objectives -
The students will be able to:
  1. Develop skills needed to participate in volleyball as a lifetime activity.
  2. Demonstrate the skills used in volleyball through class practice & playing the game of volleyball.
  3. Learn the terminology, rules, equipment, facilities & strategies needed to participate
in volleyball.
  • Learn advanced strategies to incorporate within a game.
  • Participate in competitive games and tournament style play.
  • Special Facilities and/or Equipment -
    Students are required to dress in light, comfortable clothing & shoes that are appropriate for an activity class & indoor gym play. Kneepads are suggested.

    Course Content (Body of knowledge) -
    1. Game play
    1. Tournament formats
    2. strategies in game play in competitive environment
  • Advanced strategies for game play
  • 1. Offense: 5-1, 6-2
    2. Defense: Perimeter, rotation, middle up
  • Team transitions
  • 1. Offense
    2. Defense
  • Advanced rules to team play
  • 1. Libero
    2. Substitutions
  • Competition
  • 1. Elements of good competition

    Methods of Evaluation -
    The student will demonstrate proficiency by:
    1. Skill evaluation
    2. Peer evaluation
    3. Video analysis
    4. Individual and team competition
    Representative Text(s) -
    NCAA Rulebook

    Disciplines -
    Physical Education
    Method of Instruction -
    During periods of instruction the student will be:
    1. Participating in drills (activities) to promote skill development
    2. Competing on teams to advance game play
    3. Evaluating themselves and peers on skills and team play
    4. Promoting team play - building a team culture
    Lab Content -
    Lab content will include but not limited to:
    1. Participating in drills and activities to promote skill development
    2. Competing with team to advance game play
    Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing and Outside of Class Assignments -
    Optional reading and writing assignments will be assigned to deepen the understanding of the game of volleyball and promote team play.