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Effective: Summer 2014

Prerequisites: Prerequisite: GERN 50, 51, 52, 56.
Advisory: Advisory: The student must meet with instructor and plan the internship.
Grade Type: Letter Grade, the student may select Pass/No Pass
Not Repeatable.
FHGE: Transferable: CSU
2 hours lecture, 6 hours laboratory. (96 hours total per quarter)

Student Learning Outcomes -
  • Student applies theoretical knowledge to problem solving around care giving of families and elders in the community.
  • Student delivers appropriate links to a community based service for a needy elder.
  • Student uses appropriate gerontological vocabulary.
Description -
Work experience as volunteers or employees in age-related services to be taken after the course work is completed, or with permission of the instructor. Students must either: a) complete 72 hours of volunteer time in an agency approved by the instructor; or b) if already employed in an aging related program, design and implement a special project approved by the instructor.

Course Objectives -
The students will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate skills in working with older adults related to the setting for their work experience.
  2. Describe the learning experience from their completed practicum.
Special Facilities and/or Equipment -

Course Content (Body of knowledge) -
  1. Identification of appropriate setting for work experience
  2. Proposal to the instructor
  3. Approval by the instructor
  4. Work experience - students must either:
    1. Complete 72 hours of volunteer time in an agency serving older adults, or
    2. If already employed in an aging-related program, design and implement a special project approved by the instructor. The project must be
      1. Approximately 72 hours
      2. Not regularly included in their work assignment
  5. Journal their experiences and submit
  6. Final paper describing the knowledge and skills learned
Methods of Evaluation -
  1. Journal of experiences
  2. Final paper
  3. Report from work experience supervisor
Representative Text(s) -
None required.

Disciplines -

Method of Instruction -
  1. Lecture
  2. One on one advising
Lab Content -
  1. Field placement experience
Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing and Outside of Class Assignments -
Students are required to keep a reflection journal.