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Fine Arts and Communication Division
4 hours lecture.4 Units

Total Quarter Learning Hours: 48 (Total of All Lecture, Lecture/Lab, and Lab hours X 12)
 Lecture Hours: 4 Lab Hours: Lecture/Lab:
 Note: If Lab hours are specified, see item 10. Lab Content below.

Repeatability -
Statement: Not Repeatable.

Status -
 Course Status: ActiveGrading: Letter Grade with P/NP option
 Degree Status: ApplicableCredit Status: Credit
 Degree or Certificate Requirement: AA Degree
 GE Status: Non-GE

Articulation Office Information -
 Transferability: CSUValidation: 2/08;12/9;12/10; 11/2012

1. Description -
A seminar in directed readings, discussions, performance analysis and projects encompassing contemporary performance trends, events and issues, and the business of the entertainment industry. Specific topics to be determined by the instructor.
Prerequisite: None
Co-requisite: None
Advisory: None

2. Course Objectives -
The student will be able to:
  1. evaluate the contemporary performance trends of the entertainment industry
  2. analyze and critique live performances
    1. develop relationships and awareness of professional performers and companies
  3. comprehend and apply approaches and procedures of career management and self-promotion.
  4. develop an awareness of performance career opportunities
  5. comprehend and apply the industry standards of ethical practices for professionals.
3. Special Facilities and/or Equipment -
Occasional need for media resources or room shift to accommodate guest speaker needs.

4. Course Content (Body of knowledge) -
  1. Address and evaluate current trends in performance through analysis and discussion
    1. Northern California/Bay Area performance trends
    2. Performance trends outside of the Bay Area
    3. Trends in non-traditional casting and performance
    4. Communication of themes, ideas, and personal, social and political agendas through public performance
  2. Attend live theatrical performances, and analyze for in-class discussion.
    1. Investigate local theatres and theatrical production offerings
    2. Identify and actively apply appropriate critiquing perspectives
    3. Meet and discuss performance and related work with guest speakers from productions.
  3. Address and evaluate trends and standards of the business side of the entertainment industry as they apply to individual performers through analysis, discussion and guest speakers.
    1. Career opportunities
    2. Necessary self-promotion and job application materials
    3. Income analysis and evaluation
  4. Discuss and evaluate volunteer and/or paid support and/or audition opportunities currently available to students for career enhancement
    1. Types of available volunteer positions and benefits of non-paid, entry level work
    2. Resources for acquiring audition opportunities and job postings
    3. Versatility as a benefit in the job market
  5. Discuss and evaluate proper and appropriate ethical work practices in the theatre and the entertainment industry.
    1. Rules of professional behavior in the work place
    2. Identification of behaviors that lead to job termination and extenuating consequences

5. Repeatability - Moved to header area.
6. Methods of Evaluation -
  1. active and constructive participation in group discussion and group projects
  2. oral presentation of relevant materials provided by the required text
  3. written critiques of specified theatrical productions
7. Representative Text(s) -
Annual membership to Theatre Bay Area which includes a subscription to TBA Magazine.

8. Disciplines -
Theatre Arts
9. Method of Instruction -
Lecture, Discussion, Oral presentations, Laboratory, Field trips.
10. Lab Content -
Not applicable.
11. Honors Description - No longer used. Integrated into main description section.
12. Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing and Outside of Class Assignments -
Reading required text (monthly Theatre Bay Area magazine) and preparing for assigned oral presentations from chosen article.
13. Need/Justification -
This course is a required core course for the AA in Theatre Arts.

Course status: Active
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