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Kinesiology and Athletics Division
3 hours laboratory.1 Unit

Total Quarter Learning Hours: 36 (Total of All Lecture, Lecture/Lab, and Lab hours X 12)
 Lecture Hours: Lab Hours: 3 Lecture/Lab:
 Note: If Lab hours are specified, see item 10. Lab Content below.

Repeatability -
Statement: Not Repeatable.

Status -
 Course Status: ActiveGrading: Letter Grade with P/NP option
 Degree Status: ApplicableCredit Status: Credit
 GE Status: Lifelong Understanding

Articulation Office Information -
 Transferability: BothValidation: 07/01/2008

1. Description -
Introduction to the fundamental skills for Country and Western Line Dancing. Students will participate in a variety of dance steps designed to develop the coordination, skill, choreography and timing necessary for social line dancing.
Prerequisite: None
Co-requisite: None
Advisory: This course is included in the Social & Cultural Dance family of activity courses.

2. Course Objectives -
The student will be able to:
  1. Understand the history and origins of this dance form
  2. Appreciate and use dance floor etiquette
  3. Demonstrate mastery of popular country steps, combinations and finished dances.

3. Special Facilities and/or Equipment -
Sound system for CD??s tapes, large room with hardwood floors

4. Course Content (Body of knowledge) -
  1. Beginning Country/Western Line Dance steps and combinations:
    1. Syncopated Grapevine
    2. Two-Step or Country Shuffle
    3. Schottische
    4. Charleston
    5. Hood
    6. Pivot Turns
    7. Cha Cha Turns
    8. Monterey Turns
    9. Swivel Steps
    10. Twinkle Steps
    11. Sailor Shuffle
    12. Scuff Step
    13. Jazz box
    14. Cha Cha
    15. Rolling Vine
  2. Mastering the latest Country/Western Line Dances, including Block Line, Two Wall and Partner Dances such as:
    1. Elvira Cha Cha
    2. Who Did You Call Darlin??
    3. Rolling Mist
    4. Hasta Manana
    5. Back at Ya??
    6. Traveling Four Corners
    7. San Antonio Rose
    8. Honey
    9. Secret Waltz
    10. Tiggerific
    11. Cha Cha Lengua
    12. Hustle Bustle
    13. Ten Step
    14. Hooked on Country
    15. Flying High
    16. Tush Push
    17. Rose Colored Glasses
    18. Fly Like a Bird
    19. Waltz in Time
    20. Island in the Stream

5. Repeatability - Moved to header area.
6. Methods of Evaluation -
  1. Student demonstration of dance steps will be assessed by instructor observation
  2. Final practical exam on choreography and skill of steps and combinations
  3. Performance/demonstration of finished dances for a live audience

7. Representative Text(s) -

8. Disciplines -
9. Method of Instruction -
10. Lab Content - No content
11. Honors Description - No longer used. Integrated into main description section.
12. Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing and Outside of Class Assignments - No content
13. Need/Justification -
This course meets the Foothill GE Requirements for Area VII, Lifelong Learning.

Course status: Active
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