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Effective: Summer 2017

Corequisites: Corequisite: ART 45A.
Advisory: Advisory: This course is included in the Ceramic Construction family of activity courses.
Grade Type: Pass/No Pass
Not Repeatable.
FHGE: Non-GE Transferable: CSU/UC
2 hours laboratory. (24 hours total per quarter)

Student Learning Outcomes -
  • A successful student will be able to The student will be able to demonstrate technical competency in basic handbuilding techniques including coil, slab, wafer and pinch methods.
  • A successful student will demonstrate technical competency in glazing these works by implementing glazing techniques demonstrated in class.
Description -
Supervised studio practice in ceramic processes, related to assignments, skills, and materials presented in ART 45A beginning handbuilding. During ART 45AL, students will on basic techniques demonstrated during ART 45A such as pinching, coil, and slab construction, as well as examine various high and low-fire glazing techniques.

Course Objectives -
The student will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate technical competency and understand the process in hand-building construction and clay materials
  2. Demonstrate competency and understand the process of glazing and various surface treatments
  3. Use a variety of hand-building ceramic tools and equipment skillfully
  4. Solve technical construction issues such as slumping and cracking that arise with hand-building processes
  5. Integrate diverse cultural, historical, and contemporary styles and iconography effectively when applying carving, slip, and glaze decoration and patterns
  6. Integrate diverse cultural, historical and contemporary clay forms as ideas for ceramic projects
  7. Discuss and be exposed to contemporary guest ceramic artist from various diverse cultural backgrounds
  8. Communicate, discuss, identify, critically think about and write about the personal and cultural differences in a class critique
  9. Discuss and write about the tools, processes and content of "great works" from diverse cultures, historical, and contemporary ceramic sculpture and hand building
  10. Write a one to two page paper about a ceramic sculpture or hand-build ceramic vessel from a art gallery or museum
Special Facilities and/or Equipment -
Clay, ceramic extruder, slab roller, kilns, glaze materials, sculpting tools, banding wheels, spray booth.

Course Content (Body of knowledge) -
  1. Ceramic projects that focus on pinch pots
  2. Ceramic projects that focus on coil pots
  3. Ceramic projects that focus on slab construction
  4. Ceramic projects that deal with learning various ways to attach clay
  5. Sketchbook notations, generating ideas and problem solving sketches, thumbnail sketches for ceramic forms from diverse cultures, historical time periods and contemporary ceramics
  6. Ceramic projects focused on varied ways to use diverse cultural symbols, iconography and pattern
  7. Ceramic projects focused on varied ways to create visual or actual texture
  8. Ceramic projects that focus on using a variety of ways to apply slip and glaze with a brush, dipping, pouring, and spraying
  9. Ceramic projects that focus on the forms influenced by looking at ceramic vessels from different cultures
Methods of Evaluation -
Periodic instructor examination.
Representative Text(s) -

Disciplines -
Method of Instruction -
Lab Content -
Supervised studio practice in ceramics processes, related to assignments, skills, and materials presented in ART 45A. Students work independently, with individual guidance from an instructor on a need or request basis.
Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing and Outside of Class Assignments -
Not applicable.