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Biological and Health Sciences Division
1.5 hours lecture-laboratory.1 Unit

Repeatability -
Statement: Not Repeatable.

Status -
 Course Status: ActiveGrading: Letter Grade Only
 Degree Status: ApplicableCredit Status: Credit
 Degree or Certificate Requirement: AS Degree
 GE Status: Non-GE

Articulation Office Information -
 Transferability: CSUValidation: 11/28/10;11/16/13

1. Description -
Overview of dental hygiene as a career. Dental terminology, introduction to instrumentation skills, including: modified pen grasp, fulcrums, adaptation, insertion and activation of the explorer. The course will involve some online homework, observation in clinic, and instrumentation on typodonts. Strategies & skills for student success in the dental hygiene program. Introduction to evidence-based literature in dental hygiene. Intended for students in the dental hygiene program.
Prerequisites: AHS 200 and D H 200L.
Co-requisite: None
Advisory: Admission to Dental Hygiene Program.

2. Course Objectives -
The student will be able to:
  1. discuss the history of dentistry
  2. explain the career opportunities of the dental hygienist
  3. cite strategies to success in the dental hygiene program
  4. explain and demonstrate the correct use of dental terminology
  5. explain instrumentation principles
  6. demonstrate correct exploring technique on a typodont
  7. observe dental hygiene clinic procedures and reflect on the experience
  8. recognize various services provided in the dental hygiene clinic
  9. discuss patient care when working with individuals from different cultures
  10. identify common pathways for cross-infection in the dental environment
  11. define standard precautions
  12. identify the program structure and the policy guidelines
  13. describe the ethical principles in the American Dental Hygiene Code of Ethics
  14. select a peer reviewed journal article, analyze the research, write abstract, and interpret the data in the scientific paper
3. Special Facilities and/or Equipment -
Classroom with multi-media equipment and dental hygiene clinic for lab work.

4. Course Content (Body of knowledge) -
  1. Dental Hygiene Process of Care (L-L)
    1. History of dentistry (L-L)
      1. Development of dental hygiene profession (L-L)
      2. Dental hygiene education (L-L)
      3. Dental hygiene program accreditation (L-L)
    2. Career opportunities in dental hygiene (L-L)
      1. Success strategies for dental hygiene students (L-L)
      2. Licensure & regulation (L-L)
      3. Clinical practice issues (L-L)
      4. Career choices (L-L)
    3. Terminology (L-L)
      1. Anatomical terms of dentistry (L-L)
      2. Root words, suffixes, prefixes of words used in dentistry (L-L)
    4. Instrumentation(L-L)
      1. Grasp (L-L)
      2. Fulcrum (L-L)
      3. Adaptation (L-L)
      4. Insertion(L-L)
      5. Activation (L-L)
      6. Demonstration of 11/12 explorer on typodont (L-L)
  2. Health Education Strategies (L-L)
    1. Dental Hygiene Clinic Services (L-L)
      1. Observation of Foothill College Dental Hygiene Clinic (L-L)
      2. Identify skills of the dental hygiene student (L-L)
      3. Procedures and policies of the Foothill College Dental Hygiene Clinic (L-L)
      4. Infection control standards (L-L)
      5. Standard precautions (L-L)
    2. Oral Hygiene Procedures (L-L)
      1. Considerations when giving OHI (L-L)
      2. Observation & evaluation of OHI
  3. Infection & Hazard Control Procedures (L-L)
    1. Universal precautions (L-L)
    2. Pathways of cross-contamination (L-L)
  4. Ethical & Legal Principles (L-L)
    1. The Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program Policies (L-L)
    2. ADHA Code of Ethics (L-L)
    3. California Dental Practice Act (L-L)
  5. Library, research, writing and data analysis (L_L)
    1. sources of peer reviewed-evidence based research for medical/dental subjects (L-L)
    2. apply math knowledge and critical thinking skills to interpreting research data (L-L)
    3. abstracting a research paper using analysis and evaluation of a scientific paper (L-L)
5. Repeatability - Moved to header area.
6. Methods of Evaluation -
Written exam, online assignments, homework assignments, clinic observations, instrumentation evaluation, abstract a peer reviewed journal article.
7. Representative Text(s) -
Nield-Gehrig, Jill S., Fundamentals of Periodontal Instrumentation, Philadelphia, P.A., Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 6th edition, 2008. ISBN-13:978-0-7817-6992-1
Spragge, Phyllis A., DH 50 Orientation to Dental Hygiene Course Manual, Foothill College, 2014.

8. Disciplines -
Dental Technology
9. Method of Instruction -
Lecture and demonstration of clinical techniques with online enrichment resources.
10. Lab Content -
Exploring techniques with the ODU 11/12 explorer on typodont models.
11. Honors Description - No longer used. Integrated into main description section.
12. Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing and Outside of Class Assignments -
Weekly reading assignments in required instrumentation book and course manual, online tutorials, written paper on clinic observation, time management paper and schedule, written abstract of research paper.
13. Need/Justification -
This course is a required core course for the AS degree in Dental Hygeine.

Course status: Active
Last updated: 2014-03-11 16:17:11

Foothill CollegeApproved Course Outlines