Institutional Learning Outcomes

Global Consciousness and Citizenship Rubric

Assignments and assessments that develop social perceptiveness, including respect, empathy, cultural awareness, and sensitivity, citizenship, ethics, interpersonal skills and personal integrity, community service, self-esteem, interest in and pursuit of lifelong learning.

Courses in the Global Consciousness and Citizenship area provide students with opportunities to acquire, practice, apply, and become proficient in at least three of the core competencies in each category listed below.

Awareness of Self and The Other
  • Recognize our common humanity
  • Insist upon civility especially in challenging contexts
  • Develop a sense of responsibility beyond the self
  • Recognize the importance of others' experiences
  • Translate awareness to action
  • Value different ways of seeing and doing
  • Develop empathy
  • Display self-awareness
  • Understand self in relation to others
  • Participate in and contributes to the community at a range of levels
  • Think globally act locally
  • Acknowledge the global environment and act in relation to it
  • Recognize major currents of global change and issues (economics, peace, poverty, climate, policy, immigration)

Demonstration: Awareness Applied
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in international settings
  • Show awareness and adaptability to diverse cultures
  • Able to modify one's own perceptions of the world depending on the context or situation
  • Explain inter-relatedness
  • Expresses compassion
  • Adapt to changing environments
  • Demonstrate communication across cultural and linguistic boundaries.
  • Promote a tolerance for ambiguity
  • Desire to understand the unfamiliar
  • Engage actively with different ideas and cultures
  • Demonstrate cooperation in a variety of settings
  • Welcome opportunities to discover the other

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