Student Fees & Refund Policies

Fees are due at time of registration.

Enrollment Fee: $31 per unit. (Effective Summer 2012)
Learn more about the financial aid resources offered by Foothill College.

Basic Fees:$50.00-$52.00 (Effective Winter 2014)
This includes:

* VTA Clipper Card is $5 for full-time students who are enrolled in 12 or more units; $4 for part-time students who are enrolled in 6 units up to 11.5 units, and $3 for the students who are enrolled in less than 6 units . Students with a Clipper Card enjoy unlimited rides on all VTA buses and light rail for the duration of each quarter with a valid term sticker.

Student ID Card Fee
This fee supports many services, activities, and discounts, such as free dental services, recreation room and movie tickets. Learn more about the OwlCard at the Student Activities Office.

Health Services Fee
This mandatory fee provides health services. Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing and students in approved apprenticeship training programs may request this fee to be waived by submitting the Health Fee Exemption Form (PDF).
This is a state-mandated fee paid by all students.

Student Representation Fee
This fee provides support for students or student groups to present student viewpoints to government agencies and legislators.

Fee Waivers and Reduction
The Student ID Card Fee & the Student Representation Fee are not required and are voluntary. The Campus Center Use Fee can be reduced to $10 for students with all classes meeting off-campus and who live outside of the district service area. Call the Cashier's Office (after the first two weeks of school) to request to have these fees waived and/or reduced: (650) 949-7644 or (650) 949-7331.

Please Note: If you have already paid your fees and want the Student Body Fee removed, you must first contact the Smart Shop, Room 2016 (650) 949-7551.

Parking Information

Note: Student parking permits are not required at the Middlefield Campus.

A parking permit is required at all times at the Foothill College main campus. When properly displayed, a permit authorizes you to park in any student lot. Failure to properly display a parking permit, except in 30-minute parking spaces, will result in a citation.

Foothill College and De Anza College parking permits are valid at both campuses. A permit is not required at the Foothill Middlefield campus in Palo Alto.

There are three types of parking permit decals: annual, quarterly and day-use.

Parking Fees & How to Get a Permit

Day-Use Permits

Purchase a day-use permit for $3 (beginning Winter 2012) from vending machines in student parking lots. Machines accept $1 bills, and nickel, dime and quarter coins only. The day-use permit is valid on the date of purchase only. Before purchasing a daily permit, always find a legal parking space first. Park in marked spaces only!

Annual & Quarterly Permits

When you register for classes online, you may buy a parking permit in MyPortal. If you use this method, you may print a short-term temporary permit that must be replaced by the permanent decal permit that will be mailed to the address you specify. You will be charged a service fee when you select the immediate permit option. If you are not an enrolled student at Foothill or De Anza college, you will not be able to login to MyPortal to buy a parking permit. However, you can buy a permit from the permit vendor.

Annual Auto Permits (Non-refundable)
  • Summer Session $90 (valid for full year; Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Fall Quarter $70 (valid for Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters)
  • Winter Quarter $50 (valid for Winter and Spring Quarters)
Quarterly Permits
  • Auto - $26.65: Fall, Winter or Spring Quarters
  • Auto - $20.00: Summer Session
  • Motorcycle/Moped - $15.00
You Need to Know
  • Parking permits are required seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • All vehicles must properly display a valid parking permit. Students are authorized to park in marked stalls in student lots only. Students may not park in stalls marked for disabled, staff, vendors, official vehicles or park in roadways, dirt areas or along parking lot curbing.
  • People with disabilities are required to display state-issued identification on their vehicles or, in the event of temporary disabilities, obtain permits from the Disability Resource Center, Room 5801; or call (650) 949-7017.
  • Staff parking permits are required for all staff spaces. Staff permits are issued by the District Police Department.
  • Special permits will be issued only by the District Police Department. The permit must be displayed on the dashboard or hang on the interior mirror so it can be read from the outside. Special permits are valid only when used within the areas and dates designated on the permit.
  • The parking decal may be transferred between vehicles.
  • Refunds for quarterly decals are available only when you drop all classes and return the decal within the first two weeks of the quarter, or first week of Summer Session. Annual permits are non-refundable.
  • There is no free replacement for lost, stolen, or damaged decals.
  • Possession of a parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space. If the lot is full, you must try another student parking lot.
  • Parking information is posted on signs at the entrance to Foothill College and every lot on campus.

The above regulations apply 365 days a year unless otherwise noted. Illegally parked vehicles can be cited and/or towed, even if class is not in session. Overnight parking is not allowed. Read all signs and road markings carefully. Be sure to park only in a marked space, clearly display your permit, and lock your vehicle.

Section 23113A of the California Vehicle Code grants the authority for the Foothill-De Anza College Police Department to enforce all Vehicle Code violations on the parking lots and roadways within the Foothill-De Anza Community College District property. In addition, the District may adopt its own regulations to provide adequate parking and the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

On-campus parking, traffic and police matters are conducted by the Foothill-De Anza District Police Department. The complete list of college parking and traffic regulations is posted in the Admissions Office in Room 8101 and FHDA District Police Department in Room 2103. For more information, call (650) 949-7313.

Non-Resident Tuition
  • Out-of-state and Foreign citizens ($144.00 per unit)
  • International Student Health Insurance $484
  • Out-of-state, Foreign citizens and eligible visa holders will be charged $144 per unit in addition to the basic and required enrollment fees. (EX: A, E, G, I, K, L, H1, H4, Permanent Resident, etc.)
  • Health insurance will be required of all foreign students who hold F-1 visas issued by Foothill-De Anza. This fee is payable at the time of registration. For more information, see the International Student Program.

You May Be Dropped for Non-Payment

Payment in full is due when you register, and when you add subsequent classes. You may be dropped from your classes if you do not to submit payment in full. For convenience, the college offers payment installment plan. To be eligible for the installment plan, you must not owe any fees from previous quarters at either Foothill or De Anza colleges, and you must apply for the installment plan in person at the Foothill College Admissions & Records Office.

You May Be Dropped for Fees-Due Balances of $100 or More: If your fees-due balance is $100 or more at either Foothill or De Anza colleges, and you have made no payment, you will be dropped from your classes for non-payment.

You Are Responsible for Dropping Your Classes: If you choose not to attend your class(es), you are responsible for initiating the official drop process, and notifying your instructor(s) and the Admissions & Records Office (Room 8101). Failure to officially drop classes will result in assessed enrollment fees for which you are financial responsible as well as failing grades on your college transcript.

Calculation & Payment of Fees
Use the Fee Calculator to determine your fees. All fees are due and payable when you register.

Attention Students!

  • See important dates to remember for deadlines to enroll, add or drop classes and request refunds for each quarter.
  • Payment for classes is due upon enrollment. You must pay in full within five days after you register or you will be be dropped for non-payment.
  • Students with an outstanding balance will not be eligible to register for future Foothill College courses, request transcripts, receive financial aid and scholarships or petition to graduate.
  • Payment may be made by check, money order, cashier's check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. DO NOT SEND CASH.
Refund Policies and Procedures

A community college district shall not refund any enrollment fee paid by a student for program changes made after the first two weeks of instruction for a primary term-length course, or after the 10 percent point of length of the course for a short-term course, unless the program changes are a result of action by the district to cancel or reschedule a class or to drop a student pursuant to Section 58106(g) where the student fails to meet a prerequisite.

In accordance with Section 58508 of Title V, California Code of Regulation, the college may withhold $10 from your enrollment fee refund. To be eligible for a credit/refund, follow the procedures below, complete a Refund Request and forward it to the Cashier's Office for processing.

  • See drop deadlines for your sections in MyPortal under View Your Class Schedule.
  • Drop your classes before the drop deadlines. If your class meets one time only, drop your class before the date of the class meeting.
  • A class added after the drop deadline is not eligible for a refund.
  • Refunds due to drops before the start of term will not include the $10 refund service charge.
  • Refund: Total credit, minus $10 refund service charge, for class(es) dropped within the deadline.
  • Effective 2014 winter, out-of-state and foreign tuition fee will only be refundable if a class is dropped before the drop deadline. See drop deadlines for your sections in MyPortal under View Your Class Schedule. For a 12-week class, foreign and non-resident tuition will be refunded 100% for classes dropped within the first week and only 75% refunded for the second week. See class schedule for drop with refund deadlines.
  • Refund/credit of parking fee: NO refund after 2nd week of quarter or 1st week of summer session except cancellation of all classes by the college for quarterly parking permit. Annual parking permit is non-refundable at all times. Decal must be returned to the Cashier's Office to qualify for the refund/credit.
  • Students enrolled in courses at both Foothill and De Anza for the same quarter only have to pay the basic fees at the first school they enrolled in for that quarter. It is the student's responsibility to request that the basic fees be removed prior to making payment at the second school. To request basic fees removed you can email the cashier or call the Cashier's Office at (650) 949-7324.

Refunds are not automatic. You must request your refund in writing following the above procedures. Submit your Refund Request form to the Cashier's Office with your refund instructions (payment method). Most refunds will be processed no earlier than the first day of the third week of term.

Refunds: In-State Tuition
  • For Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters
    Drop/withdraw within the first two weeks of the quarter.
  • For Summer Sessions
    See the class schedule for accurate Summer Session refund deadlines.
  • Basic fees: 100 percent refund if class is canceled or student drops prior to deadline.
  • Enrollment fees: 100 percent refund for classes dropped prior to deadline, less service fee.
  • Parking fee: 100 percent refund if all the student's classes are canceled or student drops prior to drop deadline. The shipping/handling charge is non-refundable and the permit must be turned in with the refund request prior to the deadline.
  • Requesting refunds: Refunds must be requested in writing from the cashier between the third and sixth week during Fall, Winter & Spring Quarters. During Summer Session they must be requested the second and third weeks. Allow two to three weeks processing time.

Note: The forfeiture date on all unclaimed refunds is the 21st day of the summer session and the 42nd day of the Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters.

Special Notes
  • Refunds are not automatically mailed out.
  • Student ID card and parking permit must be returned to receive refund.
  • No refunds for drops or withdrawals after the deadlines.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to familiarize himself/herself with the refund policy.
  • Any exceptions to the refund policy should be directed to the associate registrar, using a petition form.
  • A service fee, not to exceed $10 per quarter, may be deducted from enrollment fee refunds for classes dropped after the quarter begins. You will not be charged a service fee for canceled classes.
  • Contributions for the Foothill Tutorial Center of $3 or more are suggested; tax-deductible.


All fees are subject to change without notice. You are responsible for paying your fees when you register for courses. Be aware that if you do not submit payment in full when you register, you may be dropped from your classes for non-payment.

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