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Welcome to Organic Chemistry at Foothill College!
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Office Hours Monday June 26 10:30-12:30

12C Final Exam: Wednesday June 28 10:30-12:30; 4813


12B Final Exam: Monday June 26 8:00 am-10:00 am

drug imageIn this third quarter of a three quarter series, you will be extending your study of organic chemistry by expanding your knowledge of functional group transformations to aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids and its derivatives, and amines. You will then begin the study of polyfunctional bioactive molecules with an introduction to the chemistry of carbohydrates, amino acids and polypeptides. All of this new chemistry will be addressed with an emphasis on what is known about the mechanism of each chemical transformation, along with the underlying theoretical models that attempt to explain the relationship between molecular structure and reactivity.

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Remember that this course requires the building of a new language (chemical reactions, physical-organic chemistry models) and the application of that language to new problems (strategic synthesis, integrated structure elucidation). The critical reasoning skills practiced here will be applicable to any future scientific endeavor- whether you end up as a physician, a researcher or an biochemical engineer.


STUDY SKILLS: How to Succeed in Organic Chemistry



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