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Welcome to Organic Chemistry at Foothill College!
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Lab Final Mon/ Tues Dec 5/6;

Mohrig Techniqus text Study problems:
p 40 q3; p142 q 3-6; p 163 q 1-5; p173 q2; p 205 q1-5; p 220 q 1-5; p 235 q 1-7; p 251 q 1,2,4,5; p 308 q 1-3, 6; p 345 q5

Notebooks & Diol transformation lab due wed/thurs Dec 7/8

drug imageOrganic Chemistry is the chemistry of carbon-containing molecules and touches most every aspect of modern life. Pharmaceuticals, Polymers like nylon and polyester or plastics, Detergents, agrochemicals, Dyes and paints, Cosmetics, computer chips and new "nano"-materials are just some products that utilize Organic Chemistry.

With such tremendous application, your study of Organic Chemistry is a valuable part of your education in science. We can only hope to make strides in fields like Medicine and Environmental protection through an understanding of the molecular transformations which comprise Organic Chemistry. Throughout this course we will be focusing on the relationship between Structure and Reactivity in order to gain predictive power over the behavior of organic compounds. dye image

This course is challenging, but it is not just about memorizing facts! The number of organic molecules is vast, but fortunately for us, there exist scientific models and repeating themes that make learning Organic Chemistry much easier than it once was.

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