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Welcome to Organic Chemistry at Foothill College!
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Final Exam Wed Mar 29, 10:30am-12:30pm

Summer Internship Opportunity

drug imageIn this second quarter of a three quarter series, we will be continuing to learn more about the chemical reactivity of Organic molecules by examining each of the common sites of reactivity (functional groups) in turn. In addition to reviewing the molecular transformations common for each functional group, we will focus on the structural features which most influence the energy of the molecular system and the mechanism by which the molecular transformations takes place.

As your knowledge of Organic Chemistry builds, you will begin to address polyfunctional molecules and in the process gain an appreciation for the complexity and specificity of the chemical transformations taking place in our natural world. You will continue to study the stereochemical consequences of each reaction mechanism in order to address the specificity of natural product synthesis, and you will continue to learn the latest scientific models aimed at gaining predictive power over chemical reactivity.dye image

Remember that this course requires the building of a new language (chemical reactions, physical-organic chemistry models) and the application of that language to new problems (strategic synthesis). The critical reasoning skills practiced here will be applicable to any future scientific endeavor- whether you end up as a physician, a researcher or an biochemical engineer.





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