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Foothill College will offer Introduction to Nano Materials Science (Nano-52) as well as our Introduction to Nanotechnology Course (Nano-51). Nano-52 provides the "nano" foundation for chemists, biologists, physicists, and engineers to become familiar with how to take metals, ceramics, glasses, and polymers, and form small and large devices, ranging from biomedical stents to carbon nanotubes for aerospace applications. Learn more...

Internship Programs

The Foothill-De Anza Internship Program offers paid internships at Ames Research Center and Silicon Valley companies.

PSME positions typically include computer programmers, web developers, networking technicians, systems administrators and multi-media assistants.

Click here for eligibility requirements, information meeting dates, application information and more!

Assessment Tests, Guidlines and Test Schedule

Assessment Tests, Guidlines and Test Schedule
There have been some changes made to some classes. Be sure to go to the Schedule of Classes and verify that no changes have been made to your class. Engineers apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics to practical technical problems. At Foothill College, the Engineering Major provides a solid foundation in what is normally referred to as the "Engineering Core" at most colleges and universities. Mathematics, physics, chemistry and introductory engineering courses such as circuit analysis and statics make up the bulk of this core. The major is designed so that, in most cases, it provides all of the basic subjects necessary for a smooth transfer to the candidate's chosen college or university.

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