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Personal Fitness Trainer Internship Program

photo of Foothill College Wellness Center

photo of Foothill College Wellness Center

photo of Foothill College Wellness Center

personal fitness trainer logoOne of the most unique and valuable aspects of the Foothill College Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate Program is the internship requirement. Each student will complete two quarters of internships, working at least six hours each week. Additionally, all students completing internships during the quarter will participate in a weekly group meeting where they can share ideas and experiences, and provide feedback to each other.

Personal Fitness Trainer Internship One
Foothill College Wellness Center -

During your first internship, you'll work at the state-of-the-art Foothill College Wellness Center. You'll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a variety of clients, including students, faculty, staff, and community members. Your clients will vary in age, fitness level, experience, and goals. Activities will include conducting fitness assessments, prescribing appropriate physical exercises, and safely instructing clients in the step-by-step procedures of how to execute strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility exercises.

Personal Fitness Trainer Internship Two
An Approved Fitness Facility of your Choice

During your second internship, you can continue to work at the Foothill Wellness Center, or you can work at an approved fitness facility of your choice. If you choose to work off-campus, your advisor will assist you in locating and coordinating an internship location. An off-campus internship can be an ideal networking opportunity, often leading to continued employment. If you plan to pursue a specialized area of personal fitness training, this is the ideal way to augment your training in that area.

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