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Collaborative Project Inspiration

Many of you know me for my interest in creative collaboration. I would like one of our shared efforts to focus on food & tastes of your homeland, childhood or current cultural practices. Begin thinking about what this means to you. There is a local exhibition venue that is interested in our work for a January exhibition. The exhibition curator suggests two books for inspiration:  Stealing Buddah's Dinner and Book of Unknown Americans. More on this when we meet.

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Letterpress Postcard Project (.pdf file)
Letterpress Fonts in 1801 (.pdf file)


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Typeface, the film
Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film
Hamilton Wood Type & History Museum
Proceed & Be Bold
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Logos Graphics, San Francisco = plates


Introduction to Letterpress in the 21st Century
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National Library of Scotland
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Letterpress paper
Hiromi Paper
, great source for oriental papers
Legion Paper, wholesale only, but great resource. Crane Letra
Kelly Paper, commercial paper purchased locally

Crane Letra