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illustration Illustration by Nan Johnson, GID 76: Illustration & Digital Imaging

The Graphic & Interactive Design program (GID) at Foothill College offers extensive Print and Book Arts courses taught by actively exhibiting artists and professional designers. Our Graphic Arts Studios are energized environments for both mastering craft and producing works of cultural expression in the graphic arts.

What is Print & Book Arts?
Print Arts covers a broad spectrum of print technologies from letterpress printing (think Gutenberg), to digital printmaking (think inkjet). Print processes include screenprinting, etching and intaglio, relief, lithography and monoprinting. Print projects include fine art prints, multiples, ephemera, broadsides, posters, postcards, mail art, t-shirt printing, and book arts.

Book Arts covers a range of processes from book design and hand bookbinding to more contemporary and hybrid applications including artists books, scrapbooks, journals, zines, comic books, boxes and portfolios, altered books and one-of-a-kind books.

Print and book artists incorporate the skills of painting and drawing, collage and assemblage, photography and digital imaging, paper making and printmaking. Courses in these subjects are offered through the departments of Art (ART), Graphic & Interactive Design (GID), and Photography (PHOT). See links to your left. Print & Book Arts courses use non-toxic printmaking processes and integrate traditional and digital media.

How do I Register for Classes?
Print & Book Art courses are offered through the Graphic & Interactive Design department (GID).
Register for classes here.

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