Math Placement

You should take a Math Placement Test if...

  • You plan to enroll in any courses with a Math prerequisite and you do not meet the exceptions outlined below.
  • You took any prerequisite courses several years ago
    • In general, high school math courses DO NOT meet the prerequisites although AP courses will be considered.

You do NOT need a Math Placement Test if...

  • You have completed the prerequisite(s) courses at Foothill College within several years.
  • You have completed equivalent prerequisite(s) courses at another COLLEGE or UNIVERSITY within several years.
  • You have taken AP Calculus in High School and have an AP score of 4 or 5 within several years.
  • You have taken AP Statistics in High School and have an AP score of 3 or 4 or 5 within several years.
  • You have taken the EAP in high school and you have received "standard exceeded" results.

To be cleared for a prerequisite (for any of the above reasons), please complete a prerequisite clearance form and submit the form to Admissions & Records.

Foothill College does not accept placement test scores from CSUs or UCs.

Before scheduling an appointment with the Testing & Assessment Center:

Schedule an Appointment 

The Math Placement is untimed

Average Test Completion Time: 60 Minutes

Math Assessment & Course Placement Guide

Expiration of Assessment Results

Assessment results are valid for one (1) year for the date that the score was earned.

Retest Policy

After taking a placement test at Foothill College, students may retake the English, ESL, and/or Math placement tests one (1) time at Foothill College within a six (6) month period of the initial date of a placement; however, students cannot retest in a subject if they have earned a transcriptable grad (passing, or D, F, W, NP or I) in the subject/course sequence in which they are seeking a new placement.


Challenges to placements should be directed to the appropriate Division Office.

Math: Dean of Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering (PSME) Victor Tam

Foothill College Placement Testing Retest Policy - Updated July 1, 2015

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