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You must complete and submit the Foothill College Application for Admission prior to attending a testing session.

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The ESL Placement consists of 4 parts: Listening, Language Usage, Sentence Skill and Reading Skills. These parts are untimed but usually take about 80 minutes to complete. If you do well on the first 4 parts, then you may be asked to write an essay. The essay is timed for 40 minutes and must be 300-600 words.

Student Guide for ESL Tests

Please note: if you have difficulty understanding the information on this page or difficulty communicating your basic needs in English, you may take the lowest level ESL course (ESL 200A) without taking the ESL Placement Test.

Por favor nota: si tienes dificultad entendiendo la siguiente información o dificultad para comunicar tus necesidades básicas en inglés, deberías tomar los niveles más bajos de los cursos de inglés como segunda lengua o ESL (ESL 200A) sin necesidad de tomar la prueba de ubicación de ESL.

Contact Information
Phone: (650) 949-7230
Fax: (650) 949-7024
Hotline: (650) 949-7650

Validity Statement - A student's placement is valid for two years and then the placement exam must be taken again.

* Retest Policy - If an ESL student needs to retake their placement test, or challenge their placement results, they should contact the Dean of Language Arts, Paul Starer. The number is (650) 949-7250.

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