English as a Second Language Course Sequence

Level 1 (No Assessment Required)
Course Course Description
ESLL 200A (Level 1) Foundations in English I
ESLL 200B (Level 1) Foundations in English II

Level 2
Course Course Description
ESLL 210A (Level 2) Foundations in English III
ESLL 210B (Level 2) Foundations in English IV

Level 3
Course Course Description
ESLL 226 (formerly ESL 156) High Intermediate Grammar
Before or in same quarter as
ESLL 227 (formerly ESL 157) High Intermediate Reading Skills
ESLL 225 (formerly ESL 155) Developing Listening/Speaking Skills

Level 4
Course Course Description
ESLL 236 (formerly 166) (Level 4) Advanced Grammar
ESLL 237 (formerly 167) (Level 4) Basic Composition Skills
ESLL 235 (formerly 165) (Level 4 Listening/Speaking for Academic Purposes

Level 5
Course Course Description
ESLL 25 Composition and Reading

Level 6
Course Course Description
ESLL 26 Advanced Composition and Reading
(Take this class to meet English proficiency for a certificate or AA degree)

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