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Cal Grant Workshop
Admission is free; filing deadline approaching fast
Room 3404
February 19, 2014
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 Foothill's financial aid professionals will present a free Cal Grant workshop to help you complete the required forms, and answer your questions about this important financial aid option. Admission is free and you need only attend one workshop. The workshop is Wednesday, Feb. 19, from noon to 1 p.m. in Room 3404.

By attending the workshop. you'll learn about the grant's application process and how to access your Cal Grant information online. If you've already received a Cal Grant, you should still attend this workshop to learn effective strategies to maximize your benefits while at Foothill College, as well as upon transfer to a university. Foothill College has electronically uploaded grade-point average information for all students who have completed 24 or more units as of the end of Fall Quarter 2013.

This year, the Cal Grant application deadline is March 3 (since the normal March 2 deadline falls on a Sunday).  

Phone us at: (650) 949-7375
eMail us at:
Click here for more information.
Check this link for additional information:

Special Notice: Admission is free.

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