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Monitor Your Degree Progress with DegreeWorks
Online Self-Service Tracking of Your Completed Coursework
January 09, 2012
Archive Story
DegreeWorks is an easy-to-use, Web-based degree audit and academic advisement tool designed especially for Foothill College students. A powerful self-service resource, DegreeWorks quickly and efficiently helps you to:
  • Run your own degree audit;
  • View progress toward completion of your associate degree/certificate;
  • See how your current courses apply to your graduation requirements;
  • Determine how changing your major will affect your graduation date;
  • Plan your academic goals throughout your Foothill experience, as well as some colleges or universities to which you intend to transfer (IGETC & CSU Breadth); and
  • Calculate your grade point average.
Plan, Monitor & Experiment DegreeWorks looks at the Foothill College associate degree requirements, as well as the coursework you’ve completed at Foothill and other colleges to produce an easy-to-read audit. The audit is divided into block requirements that explain how courses taken or proposed count toward degree requirements. DegreeWorks also allows you to plan for future coursework and experiment with declaring or changing your academic major. In addition to giving you real-time information and streamlining the graduation process, DegreeWorks allows you to directly access a variety of related services and information though links to the college catalog, class schedule and other resources. Access DegreeWorks Via You can access DegreeWorks from any computer with Internet access at any time through your account. To access DegreeWorks, follow these simple steps:
  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Click the Students tab; and
  3. Locate the DegreeWorks mini-window where you can do the following:
  • Launch DegreeWorks;
  • Read DegreeWorks Quick Start & FAQ (PDF Files);
  • Watch Helpful, Short Video Tutorials; and
  • Troubleshoot, Report Problems & Request Additional Help.
Get Help In Person You can also learn about DegreeWorks when you schedule a consultation with a Foothill College counselor. Schedule your consultation by accessing If you’re enrolling in Foothill’s CNSL 50: Introduction to College course, you’ll learn to use DegreeWorks in class.
Phone us at: (650) 949-7423
Click here for more information.
Check this link for additional information:

Special Notice: Access DegreeWorks from any computer with Internet access through your account.

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