Nutrition Education and Information

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American Diabetic Association
American Dietetic Association
American Heart Association
The New Food Guide Plate
Food and Health Communications
Center For Science-Nutrition
USDA Nutrition Information
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Nat'l Institiutes of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine
FDA Guide to Choosing Medical Treatments
Research Resources
US Department of Agriculture
Healthy Weight
"Go Ask Alice" Columbia University
Shape Up America
Interactive Nutrition Information
Calorie Control Council
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders - Something Fishy Website
Eating Disorders Shared Awareness
Eating Disorders - Food Addicts site
Recipes and Meal Planning
Meals Matter
Meals for You
Eating Well Magazine
Cooking Light Magazine
Vegetarian Diet
Vegetarian Nutrition
Vegetarian Food
Vegetarian Resource Group

Emergency contraception available at the on-campus
Health Center.
Health Services are available to current Foothill students and to Foothill faculty & staff only. Please bring your OwlCard with a current quarter sticker or a faculty/staff ID card. Thanks!
Student Health 101
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Health Services offers Foothill Students FREE access to Student Health 101.
Student Health 101 is an online magazine covering a variety of college health and wellness related topics including stress, sleep, nutrition, healthy relationships, sexual health, academics, physical fitness, and more!
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