Template Welcome Message for Online Students

Dear Student:

You are registered for [insert course prefix and number] which is delivered via the internet.

If this is the first online course you have ever taken, then I strongly urge you to do one of the following:

  1. Attend one of the on-campus “Orientation to Etudes” sessions held during the first week of each quarter.  See http://www.foothill.edu/fga/etudes_oncampus_orientation.php
  2. Watch the video version of “Orientation to Etudes” at http://www.foothill.edu/fga/etudes_orientation.php
  3. Complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and visit the Online Learning Tour webpages at http://www.foothill.edu/fga/realitycheck.php

To access or log in to your course, follow these steps:

  1. Find out your Etudes User ID and Password by following the instructions at http://www.foothill.edu/fga/logininstructions.php
  2. Go to the log in gateway portal for Etudes at https://myetudes.org
    • Bookmark this webpage.
    • You do NOT need to login to MyPortal in order to access your course site in Etudes.
  3. Be sure to check System Requirements (left side of screen) prior to getting started with Etudes.
  4. Type in your Etudes User ID and Password

If you have problems accessing or logging into the course, go to the Student Help Desk at https://foothill.helpdeskconnect.com/ or call the Foothill Global Access distance learning office at (650) 949-7446.

Once you have logged into Etudes:

  • Click on the Help link (just below where you logged in) to view tutorials about how to use Etudes.
  • Click on the tab titled [insert course prefix and number] near the top of your screen.

To avoid being dropped for non-attendance, you need to [insert your instructions].

Enjoy your quarter,
[insert Instructor’s Name and email address]

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