Registration and Fees for Online Courses

The registration process for online classes is the same as that for "traditional" classes. You must apply for admission, take a placement test, if needed, and then register for classes.


You will need to know your Student ID number. To find out your ID, follow these instructions.
  • To Apply & Register, follow the steps outlined by Foothill College Admissions & Records. Students need to wait about one day AFTER applying for admission before registering for courses.
  • For registration and term dates, refer to the Foothill College Academic Schedule.
  • Find out how to clear a Prerequisite.
  • If the class you want is full before the session starts, see page 6 of the Registration Guide for Waitlist Procedures.
  • High school juniors and seniors may attend Foothill with written parental and school permission. Access additional information about high school admission including the high school permission form.
  • Students who currently reside in any of the following states may not be able to enroll in courses at Foothill College. Please contact A&R (650) 949-7325 or use the A&R Help Form) to determine if you will be allowed to enroll.
    • Alabama
    • Arkansas
    • Georgia
    • Maryland
    • Michigan
    • Minnesota
    • Wisconsin

Add Codes

If the course you are interested in is closed, you can request an Add Code for late registration starting on the first day of classes (not any earlier). If you register for a course after the quarter has started you must request an Add Code from the instructor, however, some instructors choose not to issue any add codes. Preview the instructor's Course Information for prerequisites, required meetings, etc. before you request to add late.

You can add courses through MyPortal during the first two weeks of the quarter. NOTE that in the summer quarter you only have ONE week to add a course.

* Please note that there is a delay of 2 - 18 hours between the time of registering for a course with an Add Code and access to the course site in Etudes.


New Automated Waitlist Process. Here is how it works:

When a class is full, you may place yourself on a waitlist. If a space opens up in the class prior to the first class meeting, you will be enrolled automaticallyin the class and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address that is on file.

Important things to know regarding the automated waitlist:

  • You must meet the course prerequisites prior to placing yourself on a waitlist.
  • If you are waitlisted for two classes that have corequisites, space must be available in both classes (Example: ASTR 010A and ASTR 010L).
  • You can only put yourself on a waitlist for one section of the same course.
  • You may not put yourself on a waitlist that conflicts in time with another course.

Check your MyPortal account to see if you were enrolled after you have received a confirmation email.

You are still responsible for dropping classes prior to the appropriate deadlines.

All students use to register for classes and update your contact information. All you'll need to know is your Collegewide ID or CWID and you are in! You'll use a temporary password to log in the first time. To be prepared, see the First-time Login Guide available on the MyPortal for more information.

Students who do not have access to the Internet may update their mailing and email addresses at the Admissions and Records office.

If you receive the error message that it is "not your day to register" when attempting to complete the late-registration process to add a course, it may mean that you have not yet submitted an application for the quarter. If you did not take classes the previous quarter, you are not considered a "continuing student." Before you can add a course to your schedule, you must apply to the college by completing the online application.

See Dates and Deadlines.


For information on tuition and fees, see the page maintained by Foothill Admissions & Records: Explanation of Student Fees & Fee Schedule.

The Student ID Card Fee, Student Representation Fee are not required and are voluntary. The Campus Center Use Fee can be reduced to $10 for students who are only enrolled in classes that meet off-campus (including fully online courses) and who live outside of the district service area. Call the Cashier's Office to request to have these fees waived and/or reduced: (650) 949-7331.

International Student Registration

If you are an F-1 student at another U.S. college or university, follow instructions for taking one or more part-time classes at Foothill. If you are an F-1 student at Foothill, you can enroll in no more than one online class as part of your first 12 units each quarter. If you hold a visa other than F-1 or reside in another country, follow a general application procedure.
Last Updated February 09, 2017
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