Prevent Student Drops

Many students drop their fully online classes because they weren't prepared or they feel isolated.

Online Student Orientation and Self-Assessment

Encourage your students to use the Online Learning Self-assessment questionnaire BEFORE they register for your fully online class. This questionnaire will give your students an idea whether or not they have the personality traits, learning aptitude, technical knowledge, hardware and software, and study skills for online learning.

The Introduction to Online Learning video (10:46 mins) offers an overview as to how online learning works, how courses are set up, what tools are generally used, what is expected of you, how interaction takes place, and how to succeed online.

On-campus Student Orientations

Encourage your students to attend an on-campus student orientation to Canvas session which are scheduled during the first week of each quarter. Visit Online Learning Student Orientation Announcements for date, times, and place.

Welcome Message for Students

Be sure to send a Welcome Message to your enrolled students sometime during the week before the start of the upcoming quarter. If you would like to send your students a Welcome message, use the Announcements tool, and select high-priority notification. If they have a valid email address in the system, they will get your message in their personal email/in-box. Otherwise, they will see it when they first log on to your site.

You might want to advise students to update their email address (or add one, if they don't have any) via the Account link located at the upper right corner of the Etudes site.

Be sure to tell your students what they need to do in order to avoid being dropped for non-attendance (e.g., post to the Discussion Forum at least once).

Individual Contact

Research indicates that online students are more likely to complete courses when they have experienced individual contact with their instructors, even if it is only once during the session. This can be done via telephone, Skype, or in-person.

Get your own copy of Relationships Between Interactions and Learning In Online Environments (from the Sloan Consortium).

Read How Students Develop Online Learning Skills, an article By Alan R. Roper from Educause Quarterly (Volume 30 Number 1 2007). In this article, successful online students share their secrets for getting the most from online classes, focusing on time management, active participation, and practice.

Student Success, Course Completion, and Retention

Last Updated April 28, 2017
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