Distance Education Advisory Committee and

Committee on Online Learning

The Distance Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) is a shared governance group that provides college-wide direction and leadership for distance education and online learning. It meets on a regular basis through-out the academic year. Faculty, staff, and student representatives serve on the DEAC, which is responsible for developing the comprehensive Distance Education Plan and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. The DEAC exists as a tandem group with the Committee on Online Learning (COOL), and makes recommendations to Planning and Resource Council (PaRC), the Technology Task Force, and other shared governance groups, for vision, policies, and implementations related to distance education.

DEAC and COOL Meeting Schedules

Spring 2014 Quarter

Winter 2014 Quarter

Fall 2013 Quarter

Spring 2013 Quarter

Winter 2013 Quarter

Fall 2012 Quarter

Past Meetings