Family Engagement Institute at Foothill College

All families dream about raising healthy, successful children, but not all families have equal access to the systems of support that turn the dream into reality.

Founded in February of 2010, the Family Engagement Institute (FEI) is a grant-funded organization that works in partnership with Foothill College to provide continued educational opportunities that increase family engagement and leadership for parents/caregivers, educators/providers, and the community. FEI believes that family is the most powerful advocate to ensure a child's healthy development and academic success.

FEI partners with educational institutions and community organizations that serve children, youth and families of low income to deliver programs to families and providers/educators that promote family engagement, school and workforce readiness, and pathways to postsecondary education. FEI collaborates with individual schools and districts to offer accessible, culturally, and linguistically responsive parenting workshops, educator workshops, technical assistance, and educational programs.

In collaboration with Foothill College, FEI provides educational materials and faculty from the community college to deliver programs to our partner organizations, so that the families become community college students under the college's noncredit parenting division. This student status allows our families to use any of the available resources at either the main Foothill College campus or the Sunnyvale Center. FEI serves as a college bridge program where families build the skills, tools, and confidence to successfully navigate educational systems, promote a college-going identity, and continue to enroll in additional community college classes.

We currently partner with the following school districts: East Side Union High School District; Head Start, Santa Clara County Office of Education; Mountain View Whisman School District; Ravenswood City School District; State Preschool, Santa Clara County Office of Education; and Sunnyvale School District.

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