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Facilities Fees Policy & Steps in the Application Process

Our Mission

A well-educated population being essential to sustaining and enhancing a democratic society, Foothill College commits itself to providing access to outstanding educational opportunities for all of our students. Whether through basic skills, career preparation, lifelong learning, or transfer, the members of the Foothill College community are dedicated to the achievement of learning and to the success of our students. We affirm that our unwavering dedication to this mission is critical to the prosperity of our community, our state, our nation, and the global community to which all people are members.

Our Vision

Foothill College envisions itself as a community of scholars where a diverse population of students, faculty and staff intersect and are engaged in the search for truth and meaning. We recognize that by necessity this search must be informed by a multiplicity of disciplinary modes of inquiry. In order to ensure that every student has the opportunity to share in this vision, Foothill College commits itself to providing students with the necessary student support services, outstanding instruction, and opportunities for leadership both within and outside the classroom. By enacting this vision, the college ensures that it remains the distinctive and innovative institution it has been since its inception.

One of the ways Foothill College responds to the needs and interest of our community is by making our facilities available for use by various community groups and organizations. Educational Code 82542 authorizes the use and fees for the use of college facilities by outside groups.

Facility Use Policy
(Excludes Campus Center and Fine Arts facilities which have their own policy)

Pursuant to Foothill-DeAnza Community College District Board Policy 3205 the use of college facilities by outside groups shall be for short-term, temporary needs. No possessory interest is intended by any permitted use of a college facility. No use shall be permitted under the authorization of this policy that constitutes a monopoly for the benefit of any person or organization.

In conjunction with District Board Policy 3205, it is the policy of Foothill College to allow community groups and organizations the use of our facilities only when that use does not interfere with, infringe on, or impede the educational process. Foothill College celebrates the diversity of its student body and the communities from which they are drawn. The college believes in rich diversity of viewpoint, age, cultural background, race, purpose, and social interaction. As a consequence, the college strives to ensure diverse groups and organizations have access to the use of our facilities.

An authorized Foothill College employee must be available on the campus as a college representative, and is assigned at the discretion of the Facilities Rental office. Additional campus staff may be assigned based on consultation with the appropriate offices (Director of Campus Safety and Security, Division Dean of area where activity is held, Supervisor of Grounds Service, Manager of Custodial Operations.)

Facility Charges/Fees

The following direct costs will be assessed to all outside organizations or groups using facilities at Foothill College.

Rental Categories
Category 1: Student Clubs and Organizations.

Student organizations that have been approved by the governing board of the District may be granted the use of community college premises and properties, without charge, subject to the regulations established by the governing board of the District. They are:

Category 2: Non-profit Organizations

Organizations (excluding churches and religious groups), clubs, associations, and other public agencies organized for general character building or welfare purposes. These groups must provide documentation legal non-profit status filed with the Internal Revenue Service, otherwise the private rate applies.

Non-profit organizations having fundraising entertainment or meetings where admission fees are charged or contributions, or any type of donation, are solicited must be for the benefit of the students of the Foothill-DeAnza Community College District, otherwise the private fee schedule applies to their rental contract.

Category 3: Religious Organizations and Private or Commercial (for Profit) Groups

The governing board may charge an amount not to exceed its direct costs or not to exceed fair rental value of college facilities and grounds under its control for activities other than those specified above. Fair rental value is determined by evaluating rates and comparability of other facilities in the surrounding area and taking market trends into consideration.


If an outside group or organization is interested in renting the parking Lots (1-8) the same policies and procedure for rental facilities apply. If an outside group or organization is interested in securing prepaid parking for an activity/event, participants should indicate this to the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator and s/he will arrange for them to meet the Director of Campus Safety & Security or a designee to discuss prepaid parking.


All outside groups and organizations must provide the college with a Certificate of Insurance for $1 million dollars listing Foothill-DeAnza Community College District as additionally insured.

Deposits and Billing

A deposit of 50% of the total estimated fee (along with the $50 application fee) will be required at the time the application is approved. Completion of the online application does not constitute an agreement. Most events will require at least two meetings with campus facility rental staff. The first meeting is upon initial request, and the second meeting is prior to the event.

In accordance with Educational Code 82540, all fees are due and payable prior to the event. Therefore, final payment is due two weeks prior to the scheduled event. At that time, the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator and the applicant will review the final arrangements and confirm preparations for the event.

All payments must be remitted in person or by mail to the Foothill College Facilities Rental Office in the form of a check or money order.

Event Cancellations

If it is necessary to cancel an activity/event, the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator must be notified no less than five business days prior to the scheduled event. If the five business day minimum notification is received and acknowledged by the Campus Facilities Coordinator, all monies except for the $50 facility application fee will be refunded. Refunds will not be given for events cancelled within five business days of the event. Refunds will not be given to groups or organizations that fail to show for scheduled events.

Facilities Use Application procedures and Process

Requests for the use of college facilities are made by completing a Facility Rentals Application at the Facilities Rental website, and should be filed at least one month in advance of the proposed event. Community groups and organizations can schedule events no more than six months in advance of the proposed event, however no contract will be extended more than one quarter in advance.

Foothill College reserves the right to cancel any event scheduled by a community group or organization if the scheduled facility is needed for a college program. Although rare, if it is necessary for the college to cancel an event, the college will make every effort to notify the sponsoring group of the cancellation at least one week in advance of the scheduled activity. In the case of cancellation by the college, all monies collected will be refunded for each application processed, including the $50 application-processing fee.

Steps in the Application Process
  1. The applicant reviews the Facility Rentals website at http://www.foothill.edu/facilityrentals/
  2. The applicant completes the facility Rental Agreement form online and returns it to the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator via fax at (650) 949-7375, email, in person, or by mail to:
    Foothill College
    12345 El Monte Road
    Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
    Attn: Diana Cohn
  3. The Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator reviews the Facility Rentals Agreement and contacts the applicant to discuss the event.
  4. The applicant and the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator agree on date, venue, and cost of event.
  5. The applicant pays the deposit and application fee and provides proof of insurance listing FHDA CCD as additionally insured. Checks should be made out to Foothill College, and include contract number for confirmation of reservations/credit for payments purposes.
  6. The Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator books the event. If necessary, the coordinator also schedules a meeting with the group to discuss any possible issues or concerns. In general, all first time renters will meet with the Campus Facility Rental Coordinator prior to the event.
  7. The Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator completes and signs the Facility Rentals Application identifying the dates and venue and creates an invoice.
  8. Two weeks prior to the event the applicant makes the final payment. At that time, the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator and the applicant will go over the final arrangements and confirm the campus preparations for the event.
  9. Event cancellations must be received and acknowledged by the Campus Facilities Rental Coordinator five business days prior to the scheduled event.
  10. Any additional direct charges incurred during the event will be billed after the event and are due and payable within 10 working days of invoice.
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