3 Easy Steps for New Students

Step 1: Apply to Foothill College

Foothill Disability Resource Center (DRC) services are only available to students who have applied to Foothill College. You can apply to Foothill here. Note: If you are a recent high school graduate and plan to receive DRC services for the Summer session, please apply for summer as your current session.

Step 2: Complete the DRC “Online Intake” Form by following these steps.
  1. Log in to MyPortal
  2. Click on “Students” tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom and locate “Clockwork Student Portlet” area
  4. Click on link “Foothill Disability Svc”
  5. Click on “Online Intake” icon
  6. Complete Online Intake Form & Upload Forms (email will be sent for within 3 business days for next steps)
Step 3: Receive “New Student Intake” Email & Schedule Intake Appointment

Please complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to MyPortal (link to https://myportal.fhda.edu)
  2. Click on “Students” tab
  3. Scroll to the bottom and locate “Clockwork Student Portlet” area
  4. Click on link “Foothill Disability Svc”
  5. Click on “Book an Appointment” icon (schedule appt. with Intake Specialist)
  6. Click on Calendar View link
  7. Select “Intake/Modify/Accommodations” from availability types (pull down menu)
  8. Schedule with designated DRC specialist indicated in email
Other Services

Requesting Your Accommodations & Obtaining Your Disability Documentation

The DRC welcomes and encourages all students with disabilities to register with us. In most cases, we will ask you for disability verification from a qualified professional. You may either use the Medical Verification Form or you may request documentation such as an IEP or psychoeducational evaluation from your school district or school psychologist.

Disability documentation may have been sufficient to establish eligibility for reasonable accommodations at other institutions, such as high schools or community colleges, but may not automatically transfer and may need updating before establishing accommodation eligibility at Foothill College.

You may not need to submit disability documentation IF your disability and accommodation requests can be verified by observation (e.g., wheelchair user, etc.)

Additional DRC student services through Clockwork portal include:
  • My Schedule (student’s appt. schedule)
  • Request Accommodations (request an accommodation change for courses)
  • Book a Test (schedule a test, mid-term, or quiz with Testing Center)
  • Book an Appointment (schedule appt. with specialist or counselor)

We highly encourage that you provide all forms and documentation to our office prior to your appointment. This will allow us to better serve you during your intake appointment.

If you need additional assistance with your application process, please call us at (650) 949-7017 or email us drc@fhda.edu.


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