Deaf and Hearing Impaired Services
For additional information contact

Leonardo Camargo
Deaf and Hearing Impaired Services Coordinator
(650) 949-7039

Mailing address:

Disability Resource Center
Foothill College
12345 El Monte Road
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022-4599

Foothill College is accessible by public transportation.

For route information contact:

Santa Clara County Transit
(408) 321-2300 or (800) 894-9908

Deaf and Hearing impaired students work with a DRC counselor and the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Services Coordinator to schedule appropriate classroom support services. Since such services take time to arrange, it is important to register for classes during the priority period. Later schedule changes may result in a delay in service.

Services include:

Students are required to notify the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Services Coordinator if they will not be attending class so that services can be cancelled.

In order to be eligible for services, a student with a hearing loss must have an recent audiogram verified by a physician or other appropriate professional. Documentation must be on file in the DRC office before services can begin.

Interpreter Services

Interpreters will be provided for the hearing impaired through the Disability Resource Center's office. Timely evaluations of students' interpreting needs will be conducted by the Deaf Services Coordinator.


  1. Complete new student file (if not already done).
  2. Contact the Deaf Services Coordinator prior to registration.
  3. Complete the registration process with the assistance of the Coordinator if necessary.
  4. The Deaf Services Coordinator will contact appropriate interpreters and instructors.


  1. Know your class vocabulary, especially technical vocabulary.
  2. A change in schedule after the initial registration period may result in no interpreter service for the quarter.
  3. If the interpreter does not show up for class, the student should contact the Deaf Services Coordinator, (650) 949-7039.
  4. It is the student's responsibility to call the Deaf Services Coordinator as soon as he/she knows he/she will be unable to attend class so the Coordinator can notify and cancel the interpreter. A student with three unexcused absences may lose the right to an interpreter for that class for the rest of the quarter.
  5. Be on time. The interpreter will wait 15 minutes for a one hour class, 20 minutes for a two hour class and 30 minutes for a three hour class.
Priority Registration

Priority registration will be provided for students who are documented as being disabled and enrolled in the DRC Program. Each quarter students will receive written notification of upcoming registration dates. This service will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis by appointment only.

Students receiving funding from the Department of Rehabilitation must have authorization forms prior to registration.

Counseling Services

Academic advising, educational counseling as well as personal adjustment counseling is available through the DRC office by appointment. These services provide individual guidance so that each student may make appropriate academic and vocational choices based on his/her strengths. Students learn compensetory stragegies in which to work with their own disabilities.

Contact the DRC secretary for an appointment. Let her know if you will be needing an interpreter for your appointment.

Notetaking Services

Notetakers will be paid a flat rate honorarium determined by the DRC. They will use a 2-part NCR paper provided in the DRC office to duplicate their notes. Students utilizing notetaking services must attend class.


  1. Students can either make an announcement themselves in class or ask the instructor to make the announcement, or the student can ask a friend or someone they sit next to in class to take notes.
  2. Once the notetaker is found, it is the student's responsibility to bring the notetaker to the DRC office to complete the notetaker contract/guideline form, and discuss conditions of payment.
  3. 2-part NCR notetaking paper is available in the DRC office.
  4. Students are required to be in class to receive notes from that day.
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