Adaptive Computer Technology for Students with Disabilities

Our Mission:
Access Center Staff

Leonardo Camargo
Lab Coordinator/Deaf Services Coordinator
650 949-7039 (v)
650 949-7476 (fax)

San Lu
Alternative Media Specialist
Phone: 650 949-7673
Fax: 650 949-7476

The Foothill College Computer Access Center provides support in the use of adaptive computer technology for students with disabilities.

Enroll in ALCA 201.01 (1 unit). Download ALCA 201.01 syllabus (pdf format).

Examples of the available adaptive computer technology include:
  • Orthopedic disabilities: Speech recognition, adjustable workstations and seating.
  • Visual Impairment: Large print screens, speech output devices, ZoomText software, screen readers.
  • Acquired Brain Injury: Reading, writing and study tools.
  • Learning Disabilities: Reading, writing and study tools.
  • Hearing Impaired: Sign language, English vocabulary, spelling and grammar.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury: : Speech recognition, alternative keyboards, and seating.

Criteria For Eligibility

You must have a verifiable disability and be enrolled in classes at Foothill College, or have the consent of the instructor, to receive services from the Computer Access Center.

Location: Room 5710, behind the bus stop.
Mon. - Thur. 8:15 am - 3:30 pm
Fri. 8:15 am - 3:30 pm

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