Online Advising FAQs

ASK Foothill

Q. Have general questions?
A. Use our online information service, Ask Foothill.


Q: I’m brand new. How do I get started?
A: First, apply to Foothill College: Then, enroll in CNSL 5. Next, take your Math and English placement results. Lastly, schedule a 30-min appointment with a counselor to create an educational plan. Bring your placement results and any other college transcripts.

Q: Do I need to take placement tests? How can I do this?
A: Unless you’ve taken math and English at another college, in which case you’d fill out a prerequisite clearance form, you do have to take placement tests. You can schedule an appointment online:

Q: Do you take placement tests results from other colleges?
A: Maybe. Contact Thom Shepard in the Testing office for more details. His email is

Q: How can I make an appointment to see a counselor?
A: Go to Then, select whether you want an appointment on the main campus or Middlefield campus. Then, select the day and time that works best for you. You can even select a specific counselor to work with. You will need an active Foothill College Student ID number to make an appointment. If you haven’t attended in two or more quarters, you must reapply for admission to Foothill College.

Q: I live too far to come to Foothill College to see a counselor.
A: We have 30-minute phone appointments available. See above for how to make an appointment.

Q: Help! There are no appointments available.
A: Keep trying. We only allow students to make appointments two weeks in advance. New appointments are available every night at midnight. Moreover, there are always cancellations. Check regularly and you will find an open appointment. During the summer, we have very limited appointments so plan ahead and see a counselor during the school year.

Q:  I am not a student at Foothill College.  Can I use your service?
A:  Services are reserved for Foothill students only.  However, if you apply to Foothill College, you can make a counseling appointment using your student id.

Q: Where is the counseling center?
A:  Building 8300, Student Development Center, third floor.  Adjacent to Parking Lot 8.

Q: Do I have to take CNSL 5?
A: YES, unless you have completed 12 units of course work at another college.  The Counseling 5 class will give you a better understanding of what you need to do to perform better in college and what you need to do to transfer to a 4-year university. If you do not take CNSL 5, you will have a CNSL 5 hold and your registration will be blocked. In addition, taking a CNSL 5 class will give you priority in selecting classes for the next quarter.

Q: How can I get a transcript?
A: You can request an official transcript in 4 different ways: online, letter, Fax, or in person at the Admissions and Records office. For online, letter, and fax, please visit

Q: What is an unofficial transcript?
A: An unofficial transcript is one that is printed from the internet or is in an unsealed envelope. For transcripts to be official, they need to be in a sealed envelope.  Log into “my portal” and you can print out a copy of your unofficial transcript.


Q: How can I exceed the unit limit of 20 units per quarter?
A: You need to fill out the Petition for Excess Units form and meet with a counselor. The form can be found on

Q: How can I clear a prerequisite hold?
A: You can take the placement test for Chemistry, English, ESL, or Math. If you have coursework from another college, fax your transcript (unofficial is acceptable) to the Counseling Department.. Fax the form and your transcripts to 650-949-6125.

Q: How can I clear a probation hold?
A: Make a 30-min appointment with a Counselor.

Q: Will a “W” count towards my GPA?
A: No. An excess amount of W’s can cause a student to be put on progress probation or dismissed from Foothill College.

Q: What do colleges think about “W’s”
A: The more competitive a college is, the more they care about an excess amount of W’s.

Q: What is a competitive college?
A: A college that consistently has a great deal more students applying than seats available is competitive.

Q: How many units do I need to get a Foothill College AA/AS degree?
A: 90 applicable units.

Q: What is the minimum math I need to get a degree from Foothill College?
A: Math 105, Intermediate Algebra.

Q: I want to know if the class I took at College “x” counts for Foothill College. What do I do?
A: To know if a class counts for a degree at Foothill College, you’ll have to fill out a course substitution form found here: To know if the class counts for transfer, you can check on This process can be confusing so drop in and see a counselor.

Q: My counselor told me about a program called DegreeWorks. How can I learn more about it?
A: DegreeWorks looks at the Foothill College associate degree requirements, as well as the coursework you’ve completed at Foothill and other colleges to produce an easy-to-read audit. The audit is divided into block requirements that explain how courses taken or proposed count toward degree requirements. DegreeWorks also allows you to plan for future coursework and experiment with declaring or changing your academic major. In addition to giving you real-time information and streamlining the graduation process, DegreeWorks allows you to directly access a variety of related services and information though links to the college catalog, class schedule and other resources.

Access DegreeWorks Via
You can access DegreeWorks from any computer with Internet access at any time through your account. To access DegreeWorks, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account;
  2. Click the Students tab; and
  3. Locate the DegreeWorks mini-window where you can do the following:
    • Launch DegreeWorks;
    • Read DegreeWorks Quick Start & FAQ (PDF Files);
    • Watch Helpful, Short Video Tutorials; and
    • Troubleshoot, Report Problems & Request Additional Help.

Q: I’m unsure of my major. Who can I see?
A: Visit the Career Center’s web site: for the workshop schedule. We often provide "How to Choose A Major" one-hour workshops.  You can also download the PDF about How to Choose A Major at Another option is to enroll in a CRLP 70 class, where you learn to analyze your likes, values, personality, and skills you want to use in work. This process can help you identify a major. Lastly, you can schedule a 30-minute counseling appointment to discuss your options with a counselor.

Q: How do I know what counts towards my Foothill College major?
A: Our list of programs and majors can be found on this link. The list of major classes can be found by clicking on your major.

Q: What majors does Foothill College offer?
A: Our list of programs and majors can be found on this link. The list of major classes can be found by clicking on your major.

Q: I want to know more about Allied Health programs, like being an x-ray tech, or going into medical sonography. Who can I talk to?
A: All our information is online. We strongly recommend you read the website and application thoroughly. You can find all program information on
If you need clarification on anything we have online, you can always make an appointment with a counselor.

Q: Who can advise me about transferring?
A: Schedule a 30-minute appointment with a counselor who can explain how to use and the requirements to transfer. In addition, visit the Transfer Center’s web site to learn about upcoming workshops and a schedule of university representative’s visits:

Q: How many units do I need to complete at Foothill College to transfer?
A: If you want to transfer to a UC or CSU, you need 90 TRANSFERABLE units. A counselor can help you understand what is transferable and what is not. If you want to transfer to a Private university, each school has it’s own requirements. You need to check the admissions requirements found on each college’s website.

Q: How do I know if the classes I took at Foothill College transfer to the CSU or UC’s?
A: Check

Q: Does the date I apply to UC/CSU affect decision for acceptance?
A:  No, but it is better to apply early. System failures and sudden changes in college policies can affect your admission chances.

Q: What is the deadline to apply to UC or CSUs?
A: November 30th at exactly 11:59 pm. Please submit your application way before the deadline!

Q:  What is the difference between TAG/TAA/TAP?
A:  The TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) and TAA (Transfer Admission Agreement) perform the same function which is to provide a roadmap to guaranteed admission for a specific CSU or UC campus. The TAP (Transfer Alliance Program) is provided through UCLA and gives you the opportunity to enhance your ability to transfer to UCLA at the junior level.  TAP is not a guaranteed agreement. Students are certified after completing the Foothill honors/scholars program and given priority consideration for admission.

Q: What exactly goes on in TAG workshop? 
A: Two main things go on in a Tag workshop:
1)Students are provided with information on deadlines and the TAG process.
2) Students are instructed on how to calculate their transferable GPA.

Q:  How many TAGs (Transfer Admission Guarantee) can I complete?
A:  Only one. 

Q:  What is the difference between speaking with a Transfer Counselor vs. the Transfer Coordinator?
A:  The Transfer Counselor can help you make appropriate education decisions, that will lead you on the way to transferring.  A Transfer Counselor can assist students by mapping out an education plan, and selecting the proper courses within each quarter system.

The Transfer Coordinator can help with transfer information, and conducts workshops such as: completing applications and essays, and choosing the best colleges. Dates for these workshops can be found on the Foothill college website under

Q: How do I get into the Honors program?
A: All our information is online. Visit:

Q: Do all private universities require SAT scores?
A: No, contact the school you are interested in for specific requirements.

Q: What do I do in a UC application workshop?
A: The UC and CSU application workshop introduces student to the appropriate websites, and provides information about university admission criteria. A student may utilize the computers in the Transfer Center and request individual assistance by making an appointment with a Transfer Counselor or 10-minute drop-in with a counselor.

Q: What is the maximum number of units I can transfer to the UC or CSU from the community college?
A: The CSUs and UCs will only accept 105 community college transferable units, having more will not affect your transfer in a negative way. This is how it works. The CSUs and UCs look at IGETC and your major requirements first. They take those classes and count those units. They keep doing this until they reach 105 qtr units. After that amount, they stop counting your units towards transfer/graduation BUT they will still count classes you took and count them as being complete.

For example, say you took English 1A worth 5 units. You took it at the very end of your FH career so you took it AFTER you've already completed 105 qtr units. The CSU will look at that and say, we need English 1A so lets mark it as complete, but we won't count 5 units toward transfer. And, why would they…you already have the 90 you need.

Q: Do I need an AA degree before I transfer?
A: No, you don’t. It is not necessarily better or worse to get an AA/AS degree before transfer. What you need to know is that each degree objective has its own requirements that need to be fulfilled.

Q: I’ve heard about a new AA-T, AA-S degree. What is that?
This website gives you a lot of great information. To summarize, if you earn a specific TRANSFER Associates degree before you transfer, you can get priority admission to the CSU system. Foothill currently offers two AA-T/AA-S degrees in Sociology (called Sociology for Transfer) and one in Psychology (called Pscyhology for transfer). Foothill faculty are in the process of creating more Associate degress for transfer.

Q:How do I request an IGETC or CSU GE certificate when I am ready to transfer?
A: From the link, click on CSU/IGETC Certificate Checklist/Request and turn the form into the Counseling office.


Q:  Where do I find internship information?
A: There are multiple ways to find internships. 

  1. Visit this website then click on the job board.
  2. Look up companies you want to work for. Look on their “Jobs” section to see if they have internship positions. If they do, apply. If they don’t, contact Human Resources and/or a manager in the department where you want to intern and try to create an internship.3. Become a Fan of the Career Center on Facebook because we post job and internship information regularly. If you need help writing a resume or preparing a cover letter, make an appointment with a career counselor and (s)he can help you.

Q: How do I find a job on campus?
A:  Most students learn of an opening through a staff/faculty person. There are no job announcements for on campus positions. You can also walk into a department and ask if they are hiring.  Most student work on campus is through the Federal Work Study Program offered through Financial Aid. You need to complete the FAFSA to apply for Federal Aid. 

Q:  Can I take career assessments in the Career Center?
A: No, you need to enroll in the three unit CRLP 70 class to take the Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory career assessments.

International Students

Q: How many units do I need to take each quarter?
A: All students on an F-1 visa need to be enrolled in and complete 12 units per quarter.

Q: I have an I-20 with Foothill College but I also want to go to DeAnza. What do I do?
A: See an international counselor to confirm that the course you want to take is equivalent, then see Arthur Levine in room 5922 to get permission to enroll at DeAnza.

Q: My native language is not English. How do I complete the “Language other than English requirement” for the UCs?
A: There are many ways to complete this requirement without taking a language class at Foothill College. The most common ways for International Students are:

  1. Two years with a grade of “C” or better (70% out of 100%) at the sixth grade level or higher in an institution where the language of instruction is English. We will need official transcripts from this school
  2. If secondary school was completed in a non-English speaking country and the language of instruction was NOT English, send your official high school transcripts (or mark sheets) and Foothill College will count that for the Language other than English requirement for IGETC.

Q: As an F-1 student, do I need to take the TOEFL to transfer to a CSU or UC?
A: The answer depends on the school you want to transfer to, when you completed English 1A and English 1B and what grade you earned in those classes.  Please check with your counselor for up to date information because transfer information changes frequently. As of Fall 2010, CSU will allow you to waive TOEFL if you have taken 3 years full-time at a U.S. college and have completed 108 transferable quarter units at Foothill College. The UC will allow you to waive TOEFL if you have completed 2 English composition courses by the end of the Fall of the year you apply with a grade of  “B” or higher.

Q: As an F-1 student, do I need to take the TOEFL to transfer to a private or out of state school?
Each school has different requirements. Read the school’s Undergraduate Admissions page. Specifically search transfer and international or F1 on the undergraduate admissions page for more details.

Q: I have college credits from my home country. Will they count toward the Associate Degree at Foothill College?
A: It depends. First, you need to have your transcripts evaluated by a Foreign Evaluation Services Company . Then, meet with a counselor because you may need to fill out several course substitution forms with course descriptions for each class.

If you are using your foreign transcripts to transfer to a university, Foothill College does not evaluate the transcripts; the receiving institution will evaluate them and will let you know what counts for transfer and what doesn’t count for transfer AFTER they admit you. Make sure you work with your counselor.