How to Get Started in Foothill's Child Development Program

I want to be a new student at Foothill... help? What do I do next?

  1. Start by going online to and click on Apply and Register to apply for admission to Foothill College.
  2. When you submit your application, you will receive a Campus Wide ID (CWID). Using your CWID you can Register for classes on
  3. Follow the Guidelines to search for classes and register for the classes you want.

Trying to decide which Child Development class to take first?

  • For a fast look at the Child Development courses offered this quarter, go to the Child Development website for a listing and description.
  • View the power point slide presentation for guidelines about which courses to take first. Hint: Start with CHLD 56N or CHLD 88 first.
  • When you have made a decision, log onto MyPortal with your CWID and register for the class you want.

Questions about registration?

  • If you have questions about online admissions and registering, call Middlefield Campus Admissions and Registration office during office hours at (650) 949-6980.
    If you need face to face assistance, come to the office in person. 2pm-7 pm Monday - Thursday.
    Or call the Main Campus Admissions and Records (650) 949-7325.

More questions?

  • Plan to attend the next New Student Orientation held at the end of each quarter just before the new quarter begins. Watch for announcements on the website, on Facebook or on posters at Middlefield.
  • Full time faculty are not available for advising during the summer.
  • See the Counseling web page on the website to make an appointment.
Jeanne Thomas, M.A. Faculty and Program Chair
Nicole Kerbey, M.A. Faculty

Welcome to the Child Development Program at Foothill College!