John Schaffert, M.S.
Chemistry Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division
     (650) 239-3626

Foothill campus

**CHEM 30B-01,02 Fall 2014 (CRN 20097 Tuesday, Thursday; Lecture room 4301; 12 noon; Lab 4719 2:30pm )**
- register or get on Waitlist.
- class starts 9/23 (attend BOTH 9/23 & 9/25 so you won't be dropped in the first week)
- Syllabus, Schedule, and Text Options documents are posted below.
- If you use an edition earlier than the 7th, you may want to work with someone with the 7th edition to make sure you are doing the correct recommended homework. (you will still need the Mastering chemistry Access Code for the 7th edition for the required on-line homework).
-*CHECK DATES IN THE SCHEDULE - if you have conflicts you may want to consider taking 30B at another time*
-Notes on joining for the on-line homework are posted below. YOU MAY NOW JOIN THE ON-LINE PART OF THE COURSE at (see notes)
*Be sure to use the correct spelling of your last name and the correct Course ID for your section as explained in the MC Notes below! *


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