John Schaffert, M.S.
Chemistry Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division
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Foothill campus

**CHEM 30B-03,Winter 2015; CRN 30407 Mon & Wed evening(Wed lab) **
(office hours rm 4601, 5:00 - 5:30 pm, Mondays and Wednesdays)

Monday 3/2
-finish Chapter 25 DNA

Recommended Homework from text:
HW19 #26,38,39,49,56,*58,*59,66,68,69,75,94.
(*for #58&59 and answers in back, change “uncompetitive” to “noncompetitive”.)
HW23 #32,33,34,36,38,49,54,60,62,68,69,72.
HW25 #31ab,33,36,41,42,45,46,49,56,57,65,66,67,73,80.

1. This is the last week to withdraw (Friday 2/27 is the in-person deadline at Enrollment Services and Sunday 3/1 is the deadline if dropping through MyPortal). Drop-in counseling for this decision is available on Tuesday and Wednesday (2/24&25) 1-4 PM in the PSME Division.
2. Always include student ID with requests for current grade.
3. For MC on-line homework for ch 23, you have to categorize fatty acids by melting point. Highest mp will have the highest IMF (London in this case).
(a) First group the FAs by number of double bonds. The more (cis) C=C bonds means LESS contact and lower mp. So the Saturated Fatty Acids have the highest mp's, then mono-unsaturated, and then polyunsaturated (lowest mp's)
(b) Within those groups the longest chain will have the highest mp (more contact means higher IMF).


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