John Schaffert, M.S.
Chemistry Instructor

Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division
     (650) 239-3626

Foothill campus
Office Hours:
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:30-5:25pm rm 4125
*Let me know if you are coming; otherwise I will go to the lecture room at 4:30 pm*

** CHEM 30A-05/06 CRN: 30308, 30554 WINTER 2017; Tue & Thur evenings **

Thursday 03/23
-Ch 11 Nuclear Chemistry (sections 1-5, 9, 11)

LAB (sect 06)
-Group Worksheet 2: Organic Nomenclature
(no Pre-lab for Worksheets but try to read and fill-out pg 57-60.)
-Check out of lockers

Recommended Homework from text:
HW11 #34,38,40,44,45,55,58,63,65,69,84.
HW12 #22,30,38,39,48,49,50,52,54bc,58,70.

1. Come to lecture room (up to one hour) early for practice problems and help.
2. The Final Exam is next Tuesday, 3/28, 6:00-8:00PM rm 4501.
3. Study Guide for Final (including last two chapters) is posted below.
4. Register for Spring classes. If enrollment is low they may be cancelled as early as this week! Also, you may want to make sure you are in the class.


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