Associated Students of Foothill College

ASFC Senate

Lara-Shalaine Bergmann
Vice President of Senate

Name: Lara-Shalaine Bergmann

Office: Campus Center, Room 2011

The Vice President of Senate shall:

  1. Serve as the chair of the Senate Boarding Meeting
  2. Be a member of the President's Cabinet
  3. Serve as a voting member of the ASFC Campus Council
  4. Be an ex-officio voting member of all commissions, committees and agencies, which are represented on the ASFC Activities Board of Directors
  5. Make sure that talents of all senates are recognized by the means of division of labor
  6. Serve as an organizer in distributing designated surveys decided on by the ASFC Campus Council
  7. Be the bridge between students and ASFC
  8. Coordinate the Senate Board "Think Tank"
Appointed Positions

SSCCC Representative

Job Description:

  1. Representing ASFC at SSCCC Region IV meetings.
  2. Work closely with Legislative Director and provide reports on all legislative issues concerning students.
  3. Serve on Administration Board as a voting member.
  4. Be willing to serve as student representative on at least one campus wide committee.
  5. Be a voting member of ASFC Campus Council.

ASFC Senator
ASFC Senator
ASFC Senator
ASFC Senator
ASFC Senator
ASFC Senator
ASFC Senator

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