Mimi Will, M.A.
Business Instructor

Business and Social Sciences Division
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Foothill campus
Office: 4104
Office Hours:
Online in Etudes PM or by appointment on campus

Business today is complex, global, and fast-moving -- come and explore management, marketing, finance, economics, technology and entrepreneurship with us!

Fall Quarter Teaching Schedule:

Online Classes

BUSI 11.01W and 11.02W - Intro to Information Systems (online)
BUSI 22.05W - Principles of Business (online)

On-Campus Class

* BUSI 59.01 Marketing (on-campus)

Course information:
BUSI 59 Marketing: Intro to the rapidly changing relationship between advertising & society, consumers & business, analysis of markets & direction of marketing campaigns directed towards them. Emphasis is placed on customer relationship management (CRM), with the focus/"big picture" approach to strategic and tactical marketing planning, global issues, promotional programs, product development, pricing strategy, consumer behavior, and coordinating the various communications functions (advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and distribution channels). You will understand the role of marketing in today's business world and to recognize how a firm can use all the promotional tools to communicate with its consumers.

Text: MKTG 6th Ed, 2013 by Lamb/Hair/McDaniel, ISBN 978-1-133-19011-0

Business info systems, Web marketing, global business, creativity and transformative learning on-line.

Personal Quote:
"The interdependence of people with technology across geographic and temporal space is creating powerful communication opportunities around the world. Imagine sending your words to thousands in seconds... come, learn with us!"

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