Mimi Will, M.A.
Business Instructor

Business and Social Sciences Division
     (650) 949-7451
     (650) 240-4093 (Fax)

Foothill campus
Office: 4104
Office Hours:
Online in Etudes PM or by appointment on campus

Business & technology today are complex, global, and fast-moving -- come and explore info. systems, management, marketing, and entrepreneurship with us!

2016-2017 Teaching Schedule:

Online Classes
BUSI 11 Intro to Information Systems (online)

Course information:
BUSI 11 Intro to Information Systems is an overview of the concepts of management & information systems especially as used in business and similar organizations. Covers the need for information, how computers are used in business and other organizations to provide information, elements of computer hardware & software, software development, data storage & communication, and the social impact of computers. Hands-on introduction to personal productivity software such as word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications.

Text: Printed or digital e-text:

Laudon's ESSENTIALS OF MGT INFO SYSTEMS, 11th ed., 2014-5, Pearson Publishing. ISBN 9780133741315

- OR -

(Digital e-text) Laudon's ESSENTIALS OF MGT INFO SYSTEMS, 11th ed., 2014-5. ISBN 9780133741568

Business info systems, Web marketing, global business, critical thinking, creativity & transformative learning online. I enjoy studying foreign languages/culture, classical arts, writing, and great humor!

Personal Quote:
"The interdependence of people with technology across geographic and temporal space is creating powerful communication opportunities around the world. Imagine sending your words to thousands in seconds... come, learn with us!"

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