Additional Contact Information

For questions on course requirements, contact:

Claudia Flores
Interim Health Career Coordinator
(650) 949-7538

Rachelle Campbell
Program Director
(650) 949-7469

BH Division office: Room 5211

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Radiologic Technology Program Manuals

The Program Manuals contain policies and information about the Foothill College Radiologic Technology Program. They have been placed online to make the policies and information easily available to our enrolled students, prospective students and our clinical instructors.

Student Handbook
Click here to download the Student Handbook. (pdf format)

Clinical Competency Evaluation Handbook
Click here to download the Clinical Competency Handbook. (pdf format)

Clinical Orientation Forms
Click here to download Clinical Orientation Forms. (pdf format)

First and Second Year Clinical Education Manual
Click here to download the First and Second Year Clinical Education Manual. (pdf format)

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